GCSE History-Medicine 1500-1700

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Last updated: October 2, 2018
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What organisation allowed for scientists to share ideas?
Royal Society
What was the name of said organisations main text?
"Philosophical transactions"
Who invented the printing press?
Johannes Gutenberg
In what year was it invented?
Because of this, Martin Luther's "95 thesis" was being spread rapidly. Whose power was subsequently diminishing?
The Catholic Church
Who first observed "animalcules"?
Antony Von Leeuwenhoek
In what year did they first record these observations?
In 1665 who published "Micrographia" showing detailed images of a flea?
Robert Hooke
Which famous doctor treated the disease, not the symptoms?
Thomas Sydenham
This doctor also identified that measles and what were different?
Scarlet Fever
He also published "Observations Medicae." How long would this be the main medical textbook?
Two centuries
What was a known cure to Malaria at the time?
Peruvian Bark
Substances such as salts, metals and minerals were being used as treatment. What was this called?
What were apothecary's now organised into?
Vesalius discovered that the Vena Cava did not lead to the what?
Vesalius discovered that the human lower jaw bone was in how many pieces?
Vesalius discovered that the human breast bone was in three parts, not...
Who now regularly visited patients in hospitals?
New hospitals opened up to treat specific diseases. What were they called?
Pest houses
What new technology inspired Harvey's ideas?
Water pump
What was Harvey's discovery?
Circulatory system
What year was The Great Plague of London?
Most realised that there was no cure. Instead they tried to prevent it. How did they do this?
Quarantine for 28 days
What were the people who kept others away from infected houses called?
What were put on doors so signify that an infected family were being quarantined in a house?
Red Crosses
What was a popular remedy that claimed to stop you from catching the plague?
Plague water
The rich were given what as a treatment?
Unicorn horn
Children were given alcohol and what as a cure?
What were doctors who wore large cloaks and long beaks called?
Plague doctors
In September 1665, mass ... scared all the rats away, for them to only come back 3 days later?
What eventually killed off the plague?
The winter
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