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34,3872012-09-21 Children's Song Titles
5,9192019-12-29 Bald People – Real and Fictional
5,0162019-12-14 American Stand-Up Comedians
4,0652015-06-29 Mayors – Fictional and Real
1,6542013-02-03Word Ladder #1
1,5312022-03-12Events of 1968
1,4682013-03-04Word Ladder #9 – Color Wheel Edition
1,2762012-11-06Architects and Architecture
9072017-12-23Events of 1959
8972012-11-14Soap Operas by Initials
8052013-04-06Word Ladder #12 – Shakespearean Tragedies
7742016-03-29Jazz Standards Titles
7502013-01-21Events of 1962
7342013-06-21Word Ladder #18 – Where Am I?
7332012-09-15Hymn Titles
7282016-03-29Words that End with “-ant”
7172013-07-11Rivers that Form State Borders
6412013-02-01Events of 1984
6282013-03-26Word Ladder #10 – Musical Instrument Families
6002013-01-31Events of 1974
5622013-04-12Word Ladder #14 – Air Travel
4792016-06-08Word Ladder #8 - Classical Elements Edition
4762013-02-04Word Ladder #3
4302013-02-03Word Ladder #2
4112012-09-15Jazz Standards Titles #2
4062013-02-10Word Ladder #5 - Fab Four Edition
4012017-05-29Events of 2000
3192013-05-17Word Ladder #16 – Largest Mediterranean Islands
3182016-03-29Events of Late January
3172012-10-13U.S. Political Pundits
2822013-02-05Word Ladder #4
2752013-04-21Word Ladder #15 – Great Chinese Inventions
2722013-01-31Notable Noses
2702013-06-06Word Ladder #17 – Sesame Puzzle
2492012-09-15Who Wrote that Jazz Song?
2442013-02-15Word Ladder #6 – Gas Giant Edition
2372013-02-22Word Ladder #7 - Comedic Trio Edition
2122012-10-21Americans Who Were Knighted
2112012-09-22Events of Early November
1792017-06-06Events of Early December
1762012-10-03Events of Late December
1722012-10-05Events of Early January
1682013-03-30Word Ladder #11 – Comedic Brothers Edition
1622017-06-0960's TV sitcoms by character
1622012-10-07Events of Late November
1622013-04-06Word Ladder #13 – Hair Cutters Edition
1562012-10-14Famous Reference Books
1512012-11-27Non-Lawyers Who Studied Law
1462013-01-06Boy Scout Law
1332012-11-01Born in 1940
1202017-10-06Born in 1935
1192014-01-24African-American Spirituals
1052017-05-29The Places They Went #3
942012-10-15Newspaper Comic Strips
882012-11-03Beret Wearers
752013-01-06People Who Have Been to Cuba
672013-01-12Stand-Up Comedians #2
602012-09-15Third Largest City in Each State
402018-06-13The "van" quiz
282012-11-10NPR: Programs heard on National Public Radio