American Stand-Up Comedians

A few clues should be enough. Smile!
Quiz by FentonsDad
Last updated: December 14, 2019
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First submittedDecember 24, 2012
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NY sitcom about nothing.
Jerry Seinfeld
Cleveland. TV series in office. "Whose Line"
Drew Carey
Cigar. Gracie. Oh, God.
George Burns
May be a redneck. Smarter than a 5th grader.
Jeff Foxworthy
Gets no respect.
Rodney Dangerfield
Sitcom, daytime talk show, lesbian.
Ellen DeGeneres
Tonight Show host from 1962 to 1992.
Johnny Carson
Brash New Yorker. Plastic surgery. "Can we talk?"
Joan Rivers
Neurotic Jewish comic, writer, director. "Sleeper"
Woody Allen
"I Spy." Family sitcom. Jello. Fat Albert. Scandal.
Bill Cosby
Seven Dirty Words. Hippie-dippie-weatherman. Bearded.
George Carlin
Wild & crazy. Banjo. "The Jerk."
Steve Martin
Late Night. Late Show. Indiana.
David Letterman
The chin. Tonight Show.
Jay Leno
Improvisational comic. Mork. Mrs. Doubtfire.
Robin Williams
Dreadlocks. Star Trek TNG. The View.
Whoopi Goldberg
"Thanks for the Memories." "Road" movies. USO shows.
Bob Hope
Female. Lowbrow family sitcom. Star Spangled Banner.
Roseanne Barr
Telephone sketches. 80s sitcom set in Vermont.
Bob Newhart
Italian-American. Family sitcom. Ice Age.
Ray Romano
Red-haired prop comic.
Carrot Top
Freddie the Freeloader. Clem Kadiddlehopper. TV variety show. Pantomimist.
Red Skelton
Pioneering blue comic. Convicted of obscenity.
Lenny Bruce
"Mr. Television." Often in drag. Texaco Star Theater.
Milton Berle
Female. Backwoodsy. Big hat with price tag.
Minnie Pearl
Miserly character. Violin. Rochester. "Well."
Jack Benny
King of the insult comics.
Don Rickles
Level 74
Dec 23, 2012
Fun quiz. 20/27.
Level 44
Dec 23, 2012
Ditto. No Carol Burnett?
Level 58
Apr 10, 2024
Carol's a comedic actress, but to my knowledge has never done stand-up.
Level 67
Dec 23, 2012
I have to disagree with the description for Roseanne Barr: her show may have been about a working class family in Ohio that was just getting by, but that doesn't make it lowbrow. "Married with Children" is lowbrow; so are lots of sitcoms that focus on rich people, such as "The Nanny." Nice quiz otherwise; the only one I missed was Carrot Top (too lowbrow).
Level 75
Jan 16, 2015
Roseanne was set in fictional Lanford, IL.
Level 84
Mar 25, 2020
I went there once. It's definitely fictional.
Level 33
Dec 24, 2012
Obviously, you can't have everyone in here... but it'd be great to have Bill Hicks in. Outside of America he's generally regarded as the best standup your country has ever produced. (Maybe him or Chris Rock anyway.)
Level 95
Nov 27, 2018
He isn't generally regarded as the best comic the US has produced. _Some_ may think this, but I've never met one; makes it unlikely that this is some sort of general consensus. Don't get me wrong, I love Bill Hicks, own every DVD special he has. But there's no way he's even in my top 25 list of US stand up comedians.
Level 54
Jan 18, 2013
23 correct... missed Red Skelton, Minne Pearl, Jack Benny and Lenny Bruce. A little before my time. Seems like you can have a part 2 quiz...
Level 41
Jan 23, 2013
Loved this quiz!
Level 78
Jan 30, 2013
For being 29, i'm pretty proud of myself. only missed 4
Level 62
Dec 6, 2013
I expected Redd Foxx to be here. Oh well
Level 48
May 9, 2014
Bill Engvall
Level 43
Sep 11, 2014
Got halfway, and quit when I realized there was no clue for Bill Hicks, Louis C.K, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Sarah Silverman, etc. How Carrot Top warrants inclusion is beyond me.
Level 89
Aug 2, 2018
I was shocked going down through to see a clue for him.
Level 45
Oct 15, 2014
Catherine Tate? Tim Hawkins? Hello?
Level 58
Nov 30, 2017
Level 89
Aug 23, 2018
I'm sorry, I think you have a wrong number.
Level 78
Jul 5, 2020
Catherine Tate is British
Level 83
Jul 8, 2020
Tim Hawkins is amazing, seen him multiple times, but just not as well known as these ones.
Level 60
Nov 4, 2014
Should update since two on this list has passed away.
Level 75
Jan 16, 2015
Many on this list have passed away. Why update for that reason? It doesn't make them any less great. (I've never heard of Carrot Top, so can't say for him/her.)
Level 89
Aug 2, 2018 about fill in their death dates instead of leaving them as alive?...
Level 58
Nov 30, 2017
Once they're dead, no need to think of them ever again, huh?
Level 89
Aug 2, 2018
Uhhh...see above.
Level 34
Jan 9, 2015
Rest in Peace Joan and Robin :(
Level 52
Mar 28, 2015
Rest in peace, Carlin.
Level 95
Nov 27, 2018
My favourite comedian of all time.
Level 91
Sep 1, 2015
Would have gotten Milton Berle if the clue was big wang.
Level 61
Sep 22, 2015
Needs updated. Some of these comedians have passed.
Level 92
Oct 5, 2015
Robin Williams passed away last year, should update his clue dates.
Level 75
Sep 5, 2016
It does say in the description dates as of October 2012. Although it does have some more recent details than that too...
Level 43
Mar 9, 2016
Like the quiz... Hey, include whom you want!

And although you have the caveat explaining when it was current, it wouldn't be bad to update now considering how many more have unfortunately passed. After all, your clues include their dates.

Level 73
Jun 11, 2017
RIP, Don Rickles.
Level 82
Feb 5, 2018
Carrot Top but no Richard Pryor?
Level 89
Aug 2, 2018
Hey, even Gallagher makes more sense.
Level 95
Nov 27, 2018
It's not a list of the best, just some American stand up comedians. He is one.
Level 80
May 29, 2020
Great list, but there are plenty of classy comedians not on he list, eg Danny Kaye, Jerry Lewis & Richard Pryor and too few women comedians on the list
Level 66
Jul 1, 2020
No Foxx, Pryor, Murphy, Rock, Chapelle? Oh well, at least we get Carrot Top...
Level 55
Feb 13, 2021
Ellen DeGeneres is here, while Louis C.K. isn't. Seriously? :)
Level 91
Feb 18, 2021
With all the names mentioned above, I think a 2nd version would be well-received. I add a nomination for Tim Conway on that list.
Level 81
Oct 31, 2021
Now, this was a real quiz. No pretend people from the past 25 years at all!
Level 44
Jan 6, 2023
Quiz had me tripping. Jerry Lewis and Don Rickles were born on and died on the same years....
Level 58
Apr 10, 2024
Got 'em all. Thanks for making this mostly about old-school comics.