Mayors – Fictional and Real

It takes a lot to govern a city. Or a shire.
Quiz by FentonsDad
Last updated: June 29, 2015
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First submittedNovember 17, 2012
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New York City
Airport namesake
Fiorello La Guardia
New York City
Banned big sodas
Michael Bloomberg
Washington D.C.
Busted for crack
Marion Barry
Father and son
Richard Daley
Former Obama chief of staff
Rahm Emanuel
Talk/fight-show host
Jerry Springer
Birmingham, U.K.
Appeased Hitler
Neville Chamberlain
V.P. under Johnson
Hubert Humphrey
Carmel-by-the-Sea, Cal.
Dirty Harry
Clint Eastwood
Palm Springs, Cal.
Congressman, Cher spouse
Sonny Bono
Wasilla, Alaska
Can see Russia from home
Sarah Palin
Buffalo, NY
2 non-consecutive Pres. terms
Grover Cleveland
Northampton, Mass.
Taciturn U.S. president
Calvin Coolidge
Nauvoo, Ill.
Founded a religion
Joseph Smith
Simpsons mayor
"Diamond Joe" Quimby
Oakland, Cal.
“Governor Moonbeam”
Jerry Brown
Greeneville, Tenn.
Impeached President
Andrew Johnson
Montreuil-sur-Mer, France
Protagonist of Les Mis
Jean Valjean
The Shire
Frodo’s BFF
Samwise Gamgee
Gotham City
(for one day only)
Bruce Wayne
Quahog, R.I.
Actor’s name = character’s name
Adam West
Large, meaty head
Mayor McCheese
Level 17
Jan 25, 2013
It abbreviated Les Mis, not Les Miz. Loved the LotR question!
Level ∞
Jun 29, 2015
Fixed Les Mis.
Level 82
Aug 21, 2015
I've seen it written both ways many times.
Level 75
Dec 29, 2014
Good one. Thanks.
Level 90
Mar 19, 2015
Palin never said that she could see Russia from her house. That was Tina Fey playing Palin.
Level 86
Apr 10, 2015
Who said she said it? It's just a hint...
Level 76
Aug 2, 2015
This is just mean! The distance from her house to Russia is actually triple the distance from New York to Boston.
Level 66
Aug 19, 2015
Do I get any votes for accepting "Batman" for the Gotham City question?
Level 89
Aug 2, 2018
Nope, that's all I could think of. Always hated those movies.
Level 80
Aug 19, 2015
Dumb American mistake here. I typed, "Jon Valjon." Le duh.
Level 55
Aug 19, 2015
If it's any consolation, it made me laugh at the end of a bad day. :)
Level 70
Aug 19, 2015
How about Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit's infamous ex-mayor?
Level 65
Jan 19, 2017
Maybe add a particular archer of Star City?
Level 87
Mar 25, 2017
More people know the mayor of the Simpsons' Springfield than know the actual mayor of Chicago?
Level 83
Nov 10, 2017
Possibly it is because the Simpsons is fairly international, whereas those outside of the US have no reason to know the major of Chicago.
Level 89
Aug 2, 2018
If it hadn't been for the fictional mayors I would've aced this.
Level 86
May 7, 2019
If it hadn't been for the real mayors I would have aced this ;)
Level 93
Dec 1, 2019
If it hadn't been for those meddling kids I would've got away with it.
Level 63
Mar 21, 2019
Adam West is my favorite mayor. :D
Level 82
Oct 4, 2023
I can't believe how close my guess of Mayor McBurger was to the actual answer