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8112023-09-14Name these Americans
6492023-09-03Name someone from Every Landmass (>1mil pop.)
4782023-09-16Districts of New Zealand
4472023-09-16States and Territories of Australia
2432023-09-29Name these Europeans
2152023-08-25Name these New Zealanders
2092023-09-11Loyal's New Zealand Quiz
1402023-08-18Loyal's Australia Quiz
1202023-09-29Name these Australians
1112023-08-29Name these People by Year (1940 - 1979)
1092023-09-04Five Biggest Landmasses of each Continent
982023-08-29Name these People by Year (1980 - 2004)
932023-08-29Name these People by Year (1900 - 1939)
752023-09-05Name these Jameses
742023-08-25Name these Irish People
742023-08-25Name these Scots
702023-08-29Name these New Yorkers (NYC)
702023-09-05Name these Michaels
682023-09-05Name these Davids
662023-09-03Name these Female World Leaders
642023-09-05Name these Johns
632023-09-17Name these People Quiz Series
622023-09-05Name these Williams
622023-09-16Territories of the Realm of New Zealand
592023-08-25Name these Welsh People
552023-09-05Name these Roberts
542023-09-05Name these Richards
542023-08-31Name these People by Century (AD Centuries)
542023-08-18Sci Fi Tools and Weapons
532023-08-18Nintendo Game Console Controllers
522023-09-05Name these Jennifers
512023-09-03Head of Government Titles
502023-09-05Name these Barbaras
502023-08-25Name these British Columbians
492023-09-05Name these Elizabeths
482023-09-18Name these People - Weekly #1
482023-09-06Guess the Number between 1 and 10,000
482023-09-05Name these Marys
472023-09-05Name these Christophers
462023-08-29Name these People by Year (1860 - 1899)
462023-09-05Name these Thomases
462023-09-05Name these Josephs
452023-09-05Name these Lindas
442023-08-25Name these Ontarians
442023-09-05Largest City by Landmass
432023-08-28Name these Japanese People
422023-09-05Name these Susans
422023-08-30Name these People by Year (1820 - 1859)
412023-08-25Name these Scousers (Liverpudlians)
412023-08-30Name these People by Year (1780 - 1819)
402023-09-24Name these People - Weekly #2
382023-09-01Name these Americans by Public Office they Held
382023-09-11Name these Jessicas
372023-09-08Deadliest Events in American History
372023-09-01Name these People Who Have Appeared in Epic Rap Battles of History
362023-10-02Name these People - Weekly #3
362023-09-05Name these Sarahs
342023-08-30Name these People by Year (1740 - 1779)
342023-09-07Countries within 200km of the United Kingdom
342023-08-31Name these People by Millenia (3rd AD to 3rd BC)
342023-09-05Name these Patricias
342023-10-15Name these People - Weekly #5
332023-09-17Name these Februarians
332023-09-19Name these Hawaiians
322023-09-07Countries within 200km of the United States
322023-10-10Name these People - Weekly #4
312023-09-17Name these Januarians
312023-08-23U.S. Presidents by Birth Place Quiz - with Map
302023-09-07Countries within 200km of France
292023-09-07Countries within 300km of Denmark
272023-09-07Countries within 200km of Italy
272023-09-07Countries within 200km of the Netherlands
272023-08-18Loyal's New England Quiz
262023-08-18'Love Me Do' Lyrics Quiz - '1' #1
232023-08-28Name the Albertans
222023-08-25Name these Icelanders
202023-09-06Whose hand?
202023-09-17Name these Marchers
182023-09-09NZ Region Quiz - Auckland
162023-09-16Regions of New Zealand
152023-08-18'From Me To You' Lyrics Quiz - '1' #2
132023-09-07Countries within a Distance Quiz Series
92023-09-19Region Seats of New Zealand
92023-09-16District Seats of New Zealand
62023-09-03New Zealand Universities
52023-08-18Solidarity Forever Lyrics
32023-08-18Roasted in the Empire State - Crossword