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Can you answer these questions on the states of New England?

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Last updated: August 18, 2023
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This writer sometimes known as the King of Horror was born in Portland and many of his stories are set in the state. His books include Carrie, It, and The Shining, amongst others.
Stephen King
Also from Portland is Anna Kendrick, star of the Pitch Perfect movie series. In this other movie Kendrick plays Stacie, the younger sister of the main character played by Michael Cera.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
The coat of arms of the state features a farmer and a person of this other profession.
Maine makes up roughly this percent of New England in terms of area, but only 9% of the poplation.
Maine is the _____ state in the union, at over 94% of the population.
This American-British inventor was born in Sangerville. Most notably he invented the first automatic machine gun.
Hiram Maxim
New Hampshire
This quote is the official state motto, setting it apart from most other states whose mottos are a bit tamer. In Latin it's Vivre Libre ou Mourir.
Live Free or Die
This famous comedian and actor grew up in Manchester after moving from Brooklyn, NY. Formerly an SNL cast member, he's been most notable for his movies which include Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and Uncut Gems.
Adam Sandler
The state holds the first one of this type of party-candidate nomination in American presidential elections.
This mountain is the tallest in New England and it's named for a U.S. President.
Mount Washington
People travelling by car don't have to do this in New Hampshire, making it the only state without laws requiring it.
Wear a seat belt
In the episode "Granite State" of this AMC drama series, the series protagonist escapes to a cabin in the woods of a fictional county in the state.
Breaking Bad
This independent senator from Vermont is one of the most progressive politicians in congress and has fought for progressive causes his whole life. Formerly Mayor of Burlington and a member of the House, his 2016 campaign for the Democrat Presidential nomination has drastically altered left leaning politics in America.
Bernie Sanders
Burlington is situated on the eastern coast of this lake often referred to affectionately/jokingly as the "sixth great lake".
Lake Champlain
This city is the least-populated state capital in the country.
This American president was born in Fairfield. He was the vice president for James Garfield before succeeding him after Garfield was assasinated.
Chester A. Arthur
This American businessman was born in Rutland. He founded a company named after him that has become one of the biggest manufacturers of large agricultural and industrial machinery such as tractors.
John Deere
The founder of this religion was born in Sharon. The religion introduces a third religious book following on from the Old and New testaments.
This major American political family based in Massachusetts and originally from Ireland have produced many politicians, including a President. The family is said to be cursed due to the high number of unusual deaths and misfortunes that have afflicted them, including two assassinations.
Kennedy Family
This demonym for person from the state is considered a pejorative when used by outsiders but when used by Bay Stater's its generally affectionate and considered a term of endearment.
This private Ivy-league university in Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and the oldest in the United States having been founded in 1636.
Harvard University
Many of New England's states are this type of state, with Massachusetts being considered the strongest Democrat stronghold in the country.
This city is the largest in New England. It is the also the capital of Massachusetts and is known for its non-rhotic accent.
This carbonated beverage from Lowell was one of the first of its kind. Created by Augustin Thompson, the drink's name has entered the American lexicon as a word meaning energy and determination.
Rhode Island
The official name of the state was this until residents voted to official drop the second half of the name.
State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
This author from Providence was not well known in his time, but academic study of his works starting in the 1970s would see him recognized as one of the most important and influential 20th century horror writers.
H. P. Lovecraft
Rhode Island main body of water is this bay. The name derives from an Algonquin word meaning "(people) of the small point of land".
Narragansett Bay
This person founded what would become the state of Rhode Island after fleeing religious persecution in Massachusetts. The settlement would become the first officially secular colony in North America.
Roger Williams
This building is the oldest surviving synagogue in North America, the only one still standing built in the colonial days and is a symbol of the historical religious tolerance in the state.
Touro Synagogue
This tv show is based in the fictional town of Quahog.
Family Guy
The southern border of the state is predominantly made up of this body of water.
Long Island Sound
This traditional American folk song and nursery rhyme is the state song of Connecticut.
Yankee Doodle
This actor played Doc Brown in the Back to the Future film series.
Christopher Lloyd
This person's name is synonymous with English dictionaries across North America, and he helped define a lot of the variant spellings found in American English.
Noah Webster
This YouTuber from Gales Ferry is known for his high production value vlogs, especially around New York City. His multimedia company Beme was bought by CNN in 2016.
Casey Neistat
This radical abolitionist from Torrington was hanged after leading a raid on Harpers Ferry in modern West Virginia in the hopes of launching a nation-wide slave revolt.
John Brown
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