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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user TheHitmanStewart.
# of Quizzes 181
# Subscribers 5
Times taken 28,339
Quizmaker Rank # 1,084
3,6872023-05-16All WWE NXT Champions
3,4352022-04-23All WWE WrestleMania Main Events (1-37)
1,6832023-01-08All WWE United States Champions
1,3842021-04-27All AJ Styles WWE PPV Opponents
1,1672022-04-23All WWE NXT Womens Champions
1,1412019-04-10All WWE Championship Matches at WrestleMania
1,0512022-04-23All WWE Raw Womens Champions
1,0462021-02-23All WWE NXT North American Champions
8842024-05-07EVERY John Cena WWE PPV Opponent
7812020-09-24All WWE Summerslam Main Events (1988-2020)
7522021-02-23All WWE Royal Rumble Runner-Ups
7422022-04-23All WWE Smackdown Womens Champions
6822021-02-23All WWE Survivor Series Main Events (1987-2020)
6672019-04-10All Universal Championship Matches at WrestleMania
5122022-04-23All WWE NXT Tag Team Champions
4622021-02-23All WWE Elimination Chamber Match Winners
4542021-02-23All NXT Takeover Main Events
3892021-02-23All WWE Royal Rumble Winners (1988-2021)
3742021-02-23WWE Universal Champions
3582018-04-12All World Heavyweight Championship Matches at WrestleMania
3472021-02-23All WWE NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winners
3312022-04-23All WWE Intercontinental Champions
3162020-10-26EVERY Undertaker WWE PPV Opponent
2732020-10-28EVERY WCW PPV Main Event
2622020-10-25WWE 2K14 30 Years Of WrestleMania Matches
2352018-05-04WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Entrants
2232022-04-23All WWE Cruiserweight Champions
2112018-03-21All World Heavyweight Champions (WWE)
1872021-04-27All Alexa Bliss PPV Opponents
1862019-04-10All Womens Championship Matches at WrestleMania
1862021-03-10EVERY World Champion in WWE
1862020-02-06All IWGP Heavyweight Champions
1842024-05-17EVERY WWE Pay Per View Main Event Part 3
1792019-03-20Business Management Quiz
1582021-02-23All WWE TLC Main Events
1582021-02-23All WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions
1582022-04-23WWE Champions
1462020-10-28WWE 2K19 2K Showcase Matches
1372021-02-23All WWE/WCW War Games Match Participants
1322020-09-24EVERY WWE Pay Per View Main Event Part 2
1252019-03-27All WWE Fastlane Main Events
1242020-10-28WWE 2K20 2K Showcase Matches
1232020-10-26WWE 2K15 2K Showcase Matches
1122020-02-06All IWGP Intercontinental Champions
1122020-09-28All Undertaker WrestleMania Opponents
1052020-09-24EVERY WWE Pay Per View Main Event Part 1
1012022-04-23WWE World Champions after WrestleManias
1002019-04-10All TNA World Heavyweight Champions
982020-10-28WWE 2K16 2K Showcase Matches
842020-02-06All IWGP United States Heavyweight Championships
832020-10-26EVERY ECW PPV Main Event
732020-10-01WWE 12 PPV Matches in Road To WrestleMania
562022-03-01Royal Rumble Final 4s
562019-01-30Fozzy 'Judas' Lyrics
552020-11-17All XWP CPV Main Event
542019-02-27All Elimination Chamber Runner-Ups
532020-09-27All NWA/WCW/WWE Starrcade Main Events
462020-12-21EVERY YWE CPV Main Event
452021-05-08WWF Champions when getting the "F" out
412020-10-28WWE 2K17 2K Showcase Matches
342021-05-18WWF Earthquake PPV Opponents
312018-06-13All WCPW/Defiant World Champions
282020-10-30All AWA World Heavyweight Champions
272020-10-28All TNA/Impact PPV Main Events
252020-11-02All WCW International World Heavyweight Champions
242020-02-06All ROH World Champions
232018-03-27All Brett Storm Rivalries in XWP
232020-10-30Big Gold Belt History
192020-09-09All XWP World Heavyweight Champions
182020-09-30All IWA CPV Main Eventers
172018-03-23XWP Royal Rumble Season 2 Entrants
162018-03-21XWP Royal Rumble Season 1 Entrants
152021-01-10All ECCW CPV Main Eventers
132020-09-09All XWP 5 Star Matches
122018-06-21All XWP Money In The Bank Match Participants
122019-01-30How much do you know about the XWP World Heavyweight Title
122020-09-21EVERY XWP Royal Rumble Entrant
112024-05-17Can You Name EVERY Tag Team Champion in FTU
112024-05-17Can You Name EVERY FTU Women's World Champion
112020-09-09All XWP Intercontinental Champions
112022-04-23Complete The Card: XWP WrestleMania 2
102019-03-04All XWP NXT Rumble Winners
102022-04-23Complete The Card: XWP Summerslam S03
102023-05-16Can You Name EVERY World Heavyweight Champion (FTU)
102020-10-01All XWP NXT Take Over Main Events
102018-06-14All Champions in XWP
92020-09-09All XWP Elimination Chamber Participants
92019-01-31All CAW WrestleMania Main Events
92020-09-09All XWP, IWA, ECCW Internet Champions
92024-05-17Can You Name EVERY FTU World Champion
92018-03-31All Mahadi Khan Rivalries in XWP
92024-01-03Can You Name EVERY FTU PFE Main Eventer
82018-06-15All World Champions in XWP
82020-09-23All Angel Alexander XWP CPV Opponents
82020-09-11XWP Royal Rumble Season 3 Entrants
82024-05-17FTU WrestleMania Main Events
82020-09-09All XWP NXT Champions
82018-03-25Fozzy 'Painless' Lyrics
82019-03-20All 3x CAW World Heavyweight Champions
72019-06-23All XWP NXT Tag Team Champions
72020-10-20All ECCW Royal Rumble S02 Entrants
72018-09-07All IWA Champions
72020-09-23All XWP Big 5 CPV Main Events
72019-06-23All XWP NXT International Champions
72019-03-04All XWP CPV Opener
72019-06-23All XWP NXTreme Champions
62022-04-23Complete The Card: XWP One Night Stand S04
62018-03-14All Championships Won by Brett Storm
62020-10-20All XWP Last Man Standing Matches
62020-09-18All Brett Storm XWP CPV Opponents
62022-04-23Complete The Card: XWP WrestleMania 3
62024-05-07Can You Name EVERY FTU PFE Event Name?
62023-11-24Can you name EVERY World Champion in FTU History?
62018-06-19All ECCW Hardcore Champions
52020-09-09All XWP 6 Man Tag Team Champions
52020-09-25All XWP Champions
52020-09-25All DoggyDog XWP CPV Opponents
52020-09-09All XWP Tag Team Champions
52020-09-09All XWP United Kingdom Champions
52018-09-07All ECCW Heavyweight Champions
52018-06-27All IWA Gauntlet Match Participants
52019-06-23All XWP YouTube Heavyweight Champions
52020-09-22All Mahadi Khan XWP CPV Opponents
52018-04-05All IWA Big 5 CPV Main Events
52019-06-23All XWP Cruiserweight Champions
52020-09-09All XWP United States Champions
52020-12-01EVERY YXW CPV Main Event
42020-10-19All CPW & EEW Champions
42021-01-10Adam Alexsander's Streak
42020-09-22All Mario Sanchez XWP CPV Opponents
42018-04-05All XWP Big 5 Main Events
42020-10-30AWA Supercard Main Events
42020-09-27All Mr Macho XWP CPV Opponents
42022-04-23Complete The Card: XWP Reborn S05
42020-09-09All XWP Hardcore Champions
42018-09-06All ECCW Universal Champions
32020-11-17CAW World Champions
32020-10-20All XWP Steel Cage Matches
32020-09-21Every World Champion in XWP
32019-06-23All XWP Champions
32020-12-01Every NHBW CPV Main Events
32020-11-25All XWP Slammy/Legacy Award Winners
32020-10-20All XWP Outlaw CPV Matches
32020-10-19All EEW & CPW CPV Main Eventers
32020-09-22All Max Mercury XWP CPV Opponents
32020-09-22All Undertaker XWP CPV Opponents
32020-09-22All Chris Jericho XWP CPV Opponents
32018-06-14All Midcard Champions in XWP
32020-09-22All Matteo XWP CPV Opponents
32020-09-23All Sean Avery XWP CPV Opponents
32020-09-23All Stunning Bradd XWP CPV Opponents
32019-06-23All XWP Rumble Winners
32020-09-27EVERY XWP WrestleMania Match
32020-10-01All Goldberg XWP CPV Opponents
32020-09-27EVERY XWP Summerslam Match
32020-10-01All XWP Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Participants
22018-03-15All ECCW Intercontinental Champions
22018-09-06All IWA Tag Team Champions
22020-09-21XWP Season 3 Vader Memorial Rumble Participants
22018-09-06All ECCW United States Champions
22018-04-05All ECCW Hell in a Cell Participants
22018-04-05All XWP CPVs
22020-09-22All XWP Championship Matches on CPV
22018-07-04All XWP Royal Bash Entrants
22018-06-28All IWA Money In The Bank Participants
22020-11-06CAW WrestleMania Main Eventers
22018-09-13All IWA Intercontinental Champions
22020-09-25All Victor X XWP CPV Opponents
12019-01-30All CAW Money In The Bank Winners
12018-09-06All NHBW Champions
12018-04-05All ECCW Big 5 CPV Main Events
12018-09-07All ECCW Cruiserweight Champions
12018-09-06All IWA Hardcore Champions
12018-09-06All ECCW Tag Team Champions
12019-01-30All World's Collide Rumble Winners
12020-09-28All Cycloper XWP CPV Opponents
12018-09-12All IWA United Kingdom Champions
12018-09-06All IWA European Champions
12020-12-14All Shawn Sokolov XWP CPV Opponents
12020-12-04EVERY XWP CPV Match Participant
02018-09-06All NHBW Ultra Premium Champions