Discworld Characters

Based on the hint(s), name the characters in Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series.
Spoilers! Difficulty moderate to high.
Questions may be from any point in the Discworld timeline. The hints for each answer will refer to only one character.
Quiz by typhon
Last updated: June 13, 2014
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Überwald-born resident of Ankh-Morpork whose community, by tradition, surgically add extra thumbs to their hands; most members of this community go by the same name
Vampire, member of the League of Temperance and photographer
Otto Chriek
Frequently mistaken for a non-human because of his hideousness; watchman who often patrols with Fred Colon
Nobby Nobbs
Troll who wears a helmet fitted with a cooling mechanism to improve his ability to think; carries a siege crossbow named "Piecemaker"
Despite their questionable ingredients, his pies are well loved by the denizens of Ankh-Morpork
C.M.O.T. Dibbler
Graduate of the Assassin's School and de facto ruler of Ankh-Morpork
Havelock Vetinari
Second assistant of the above; replaced Lupine Wonse after his death
Rufus Drumknott
Blacksmith, son of one of the Lancre witches and farrier to Death
Jason Ogg
Young witch from the Chalk who befriends the local Nac Mac Feegle clan, inadvertently becoming their "kelda" for a short time
Tiffany Aching
Psychopathic assassin who wishes to "inhume" the Hogfather; becomes distressed when people mispronounce his name
Mr. Teatime
Reluctant postmaster of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office; "recruited" into this position by #6
Moist von Lipwig
No-nonsense witch who is able to approach unicorns; versed in the art of "headology"
Granny Weatherwax
At first mistaken for a gnome, a Nac Mac Feegle who becomes a watchman
Wee Mad Arthur
Tourist who visits Ankh-Morpork from the Counterweight Continent; "in-sewer-ants" salesman in his home country
Commander of the City Watch; son's favorite book is "Where's My Cow?"
Sam Vimes
Rides a white horse called Binky and has a soft spot for cats; assumes the identity "Bill Door" for a short time
Werewolf from Überwald; member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch who always carries a spare change of clothes
Smelly, murderous cat with one good eye; lives with one of the Lancre witches
Ook ook...
"Wizzard" with a natural talent for languages; unable to cast spells because of one being stuck in his head
Sometime companion of Gaspode the Wonder Dog; known for mumbling phrases like "Bugrit!" and "Millenium hand and shrimp!"
Foul Ole Ron
Leader of the Silver Horde; acquired a set of diamond dentures made from the teeth of a troll
Cohen the Barbarian
Made of sapient pearwood; violently protective of its owner
The Luggage
Archchancellor of the Unseen University; possible past romantic partner of #12
Mustrum Ridcully
Diminutive, skeletal character who often accompanies Binky's rider and squeaks in small caps
Death of Rats
Level 27
Jan 16, 2015
i never read the tiffany series but i knew her first name not her surname - why on other characters like otto chriek is first only accepted but not for Tiffany?
Level 51
Jan 31, 2015
An oversight, my apologies. Fixed!
Level 41
Mar 14, 2015
An excellent quiz, thank you! Myy I just suggest you could accept Ghengiz Cohen for Cohen the Barbarian? After all, that is his regnal name (:
Level 51
May 9, 2015
Thank you...it's fixed now. Sorry, I've been away for a while.
Level 83
Nov 17, 2023