Anime Quiz Using Descriptions

Guess the anime using only the desciptions
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Last updated: August 4, 2019
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A brother turns into a vampire and spends the next 100 years fighting his brother and his brother's grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
A girl falls in love with her student body president to find out later that they are now siblings
A boy grows up living in a church to learn that he is the son of the devil, and chooses to become a exorcist to defeat Satan.
Blue Exorcist
A woman gets drunk and goes into the woods and wakes up the next morning with a dragon in her living room.
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
A boy is pulled into another universe and is forced to live the same day over and over if he dies.
Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World
Two High school students who are believed to be delinquents team up so they can get together with their crushes.
A boy finds out he can get superpowers if he kisses girls.
Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches
A manga author can't get his sister to come out of her room until he realizes that she is the artist for his manga.
Eromanga Sensei
A boy is forced to go to a competitive cooking school where your fate is decided by cooking battles
Food Wars
A boy goes to the mountains for 8 years to work out for revenge after his crush calls him fat
Masamune Kun's Revenge
A group of girls decide to band together as a 9 person idol group after they find out their school is shutting down.
Love Live
A god, a dead boy, a masochist, and a witch go on an adventure to defeat the demon king.
KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World
A video game designer fools the world by creating a game where if you leave or die in the game you die in real life.
Sword Art Online
The members of a literature club are surprised to find out that they suddenly have supernatural powers and spend the rest of the school year improving and learning more about their powers.
When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace
A cat statue grants wishes by removing an unwanted thing from one person and giving it to another person who needs it.
Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat
In a school where gambling and taking risks is everything, a girl gains a following for always taking large risks.
After fleeing from his home dimension, the devil is forced to get a low-paying job in order to live on Earth.
Devil is a Part-Timer
In a world where magic is everything, a boy born without magic is given the power to absorb, reflect, and cut magic and proceeds to join a magical knight group.
Black Clover
A superpowered high school club is created to find other children with slightly inconvenient superpowers and hide them from the government.
An ice skater learns that he loves men as he learns to skate from one of the best ice skaters in the world.
Yuri On Ice
A man becomes the father figure of several war-ready leprechauns after he is put into an icy slumber for 500 years.
WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?
A boy must protect a city from several threats with a swordsman who is acting as his monitor after becoming one of the world's most powerful vampire.
Strike the Blood
Reuniting after several years of being apart, a team of seven attempt to save the world and their reputation after being wrongfully accused of murdering the king.
Seven Deadly Sins
After dying, people are sent to a bar where they must play bar games to decide their afterlife fate.
Death Parade
A man becomes one of the most powerful beings after defeating a god and gaining all of his abilities.
After a zombie apocalypse, 4 students and their teacher must fight through the hoards and survive both physical and psychological damage.
A hero is disappointed when he finds out he is too powerful for anyone to fight him.
One Punch Man
In this reverse isekai, characters from stories invade our world and it is up to the creators and heroes to defend their world from destruction.
Students from a delinquent class have until the end of the school year to kill their teacher, or else the world ends.
Assassination Classroom
Children with superpowers are trained to use them for good at high school, where they occasionally get attacked by villains and heroes from around the country train them.
Boku No Hero Academia
After evil spirits escape from hell, a demon and a dating sim master team up to drive the spirits away and "capture" girl's hearts.
The World God Only Knows
A girl with scary eyes finally finds a job at a character cafe.
A sad story of a musician suffering from disease and her friend who lost his love for piano after his mother died.
Your Lie In April
A boy is forced to become a matchmaker after an angel writes down his name, her name, and the name of his crush into a magical notebook.
Love Tyrant
Sometime in the near future, "magic" has been created using technology, and is now taught in school. A boy and his sister have to live their normal high school life while protecting their community from people who use this magic to kill and hurt others.
The Irregular at Magic High School
A penguin and his family move to a big city, and the penguin joins several workers for their jobs and somehow manages to mess up their job every single time.
Pingu In the City
In an attempt to save the village and the world, the leader traps the killer beast inside of his infant son, and in the process, kills himself and his wife.
After being force-fed a pill, the famous detective finds himself being turned into a child, and now has to solve crimes from the sideline in order not to be found out.
Detective Conan
A man and his 5 other identical sextuplets get into trouble and have fun.
Mr. Osomatsu
After her mother reaches the bottom of the abyss, she decides to follow her and along her way she finds a robot with the appearance of a young boy.
Made In Abyss
After finding a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill anyone written in it in any way possible, our main character decides to use it for "good" and begins to kill off any and all possible criminals.
Death Note
All the major countries of the world are portrayed as young men in this comedy about major world events and polotics.
After realizing her "perfect future plan" won't work out, Kaga decides to go with her gut feeling and begins dating her new best friend.
Golden Time
After a date turned wrong, a boy has his internal organs replaced with a monster's organs, giving him superhuman strength at the cost of his taste and a hunger for human flesh.
Tokyo Ghoul
A boy and a girl go to meet up after they mysteriously switch bodies.
Your Name
After having his date taken away by a teacher, the biker decides to embark on a journey of teaching in order to get with high school students.
Great Teacher Onizuka
After failing all of his classes and being denied into any normal school, a boy is accidentally placed into a high school where monsters are learning to integrate into human society.
Rosario to Vampire
Being son of one of the most powerful ninjas of all time, a boy teams up with other children to defeat other powerful ninjas.
A series of short stories following two girls with extremely deep voices.
Pop Team Epic
A boy who is the only follower of his god gains a new ability that allows him to gain levels extremely quickly after getting a crush for another swordsman.
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
A very powerful ESPer who usually suppresses his true power except when in dire situations begins to work for a phony exorcist,
Mob Psycho 100
After being accidentally killed by god, god gives the opportunity to bring anything he wants into another dimension and continue his life.
In Another World With My Smart Phone
The seven deadly sins are placed onto the seven girls who rule the school, and it is up to our main character to control over them, and in turn, control the school.
Trinity Seven
In this max security prison, four inmates curse the halls with their weird antics, while refusing to actually leave.
After his father remarries, a boy gets two new sisters who he finds out are actually a demon and a succubus.
The Testament of Sister New Devil
A girl transfers schools to find her father's murderer, and discovers that certain clothes can give you super human powers
Kill La Kill
After a near death experience, a genius student is given the special power to order any person to do anything, and he uses it to liberate occupied Japan.
Code Geass
After eating a special fruit, a young pirate gains the ability to stretch and move his body like it was rubber.
One Piece
After switching jobs to avoid being outed as an otaku, a women reunites with her childhood friends and begins to date him.
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