JoJo Stands Put Through a Bad Thesaurus

These stands have had their names put through a bad thesaurus. Translate them to their original names.
Quiz by Bluethunder650
Last updated: August 3, 2019
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First submittedAugust 2, 2019
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Synonym-ed Version
Real Stand Name
Meager Paw
Little Feet
Lovemaking Firearm
Sex Pistols
Recluse Lavender
Hermit Purple
Pebble Handout
Stone Free
Celebrity Silver
Star Platinum
Executioner Regent
Killer Queen
The Grip
The Hand
Atrocious Community
Bad Company
Syrupy Digits
Sticky Fingers
Olive Apostle
Green Hierophant
Avenue Idol
Highway Star
Interstate Toward Inferno
Highway To Hell
Airspace Lofty
Sky High
Sensational Flutter
Super Fly
Citadel of Drab
Tower of Gray
Cardinal Tropical Cayenne
Red Hot Chili Pepper
Lime Time
Green Day
Casualty Baker's Dozen
Death Thirteen
Synonym-ed Version
Real Stand Name
Promised Land's Hatch
Heaven's Door
Low-Cost Hoax
Cheap Trick
Globe Burster
Ball Breaker
Greetings All
Hey Ya!
Charring Earthward Condominium
Burning Down The House
Climate Rundown
Weather Report
Bouncing Jerry Glimmer
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Melancholy Boogie
Moody Blues
Obsidian Lord's Day
Black Sabbath
Sultan Maroon
King Crimson
Disk of Inheritance
Wheel of Fortune
Shady Cobalt Orb of Night
Dark Blue Moon
Fellow Within the Relfector
Man In The Mirror
Mr. President
Ghastly Serpent
White Snake
Arrest The Band of Color
Catch The Rainbow
Alarming Freaks
Scary Monsters
Pigpen Quests Rendered Mud Low-Priced
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
The Nature
The World
Pearly Cab
Silver Chariot
Level 47
Mar 6, 2024
What's a stand in this context?
Level 39
Mar 7, 2024
Hey, sorry about this, I had no clue people were still viewing this. I made this 5 years ago, so even I don't remember all the correct answers. The "stands" refer to the concept as they exist within the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure universe. Roughly stated, they are physical/ethereal manifestations of a character's will, and they are often seen as sort of "ghost-like" creatures that fight and interact via the character, or "user". It's hard to explain, so TL;DR, its a hyper-specific term from a manga/anime. If you're asking what stands are within the context of this quiz, pretty much everything from part 3 to part 8 can be one of the answers (part 9 wasn't released when I created this, in fact part 8 hadn't finished yet either).
Level 39
Mar 7, 2024
Also, as a general rule, the stands from part 3 are almost all named after either Egyptian Gods or Tarot Cards + a color, i.e. Star Platinum, Thoth, or Heirophant Green. From part 4 onwards, they tend to be named after Western bands, or their albums/songs. For example, the main character's stand of part 4 is named "Crazy Diamond," after the Pink Floyd song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond".