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Times taken 15,802
Quizmaker Rank # 1,270
3,2932017-04-07Count to 10 in Europe: Insane
2,6082018-11-03Maailma riigid
1,9032017-04-07Doubly Landlocked Countries
1,3872017-02-18Periodic Table of Elements by Proximity
1,1662015-07-10Countries never controlled by Europeans
7082014-08-07Countries in World War I
4162017-04-07Countries by Lowest Elevation
2812017-05-26Most Guessed Countries on Most Guessed Countries Quiz
2802015-11-23Eesti maakonnad/ Counties of Estonia
2602014-08-13Most Buddhist Countries (by number)
2592016-01-07Europe Grid
2202014-08-14Most Irreligious countries (by number)
2092016-07-07Colors in Europe: Insane
1962017-07-23Most Guessed Elements on Most Guessed Elements Quiz
1772014-08-13Most Hinduist Countries (by number)
1672017-08-05Most Guessed World Cities on Most Guessed World Cities Quiz
1642019-01-20Days of the Week in Europe: Insane
1612016-01-18Countries that Became Independent in 1918
1522016-12-261965 Population Projections for 2015
1442015-12-24Sets of Four Countries that Border one Another
1422015-06-23Empires on Which the Sun Never Sets
1382015-08-03Largest Language Families
1322015-02-15Northernmost & Southernmost Countries
1292015-08-12Fast Typing - Lorem Ipsum
1182015-01-05Modern Greek Alphabet
1042014-08-05Countries by Highest Elevation
982016-10-14Countries Furthest from Sea
972017-08-22Eesti presidendid/ Presidents of Estonia
812017-05-26Most Guessed Capitals on Most Guessed Capitals Quiz
692017-05-26Most Guessed Country by Continent on Five Most Guessed Countries by Continent Quiz
622018-05-20Cities north of 60°N
592019-10-05Political Groups of the European Parliament
592014-09-20Governments in exile
542016-12-20Eesti suurimad linnad
452017-09-17Most Guessed U.S. Cities on Most Guessed U.S. Cities Quiz
372017-05-26Most Guessed African Countries on Most Guessed African Countries Quiz
352016-07-07Language Names in 5 Languages
332017-08-18Euroopa riigid
292015-08-01Antarctic Physical Geography
292014-11-08Multi-National Regions (the boring kind)
262017-09-17Most Guessed Non-Capital Cities on Most Guessed Non-Capital Cities Quiz
252019-01-20Antipodal countries
232015-06-27Count to 10 in Asia
142017-08-22Eesti peaministrid/ Prime Ministers of Estonia
132014-06-09Bald-hairy sequence leaders