Countries never controlled by Europeans

Countries which haven't been conquered and ruled by European countries
Quiz by Sulps
Last updated: July 10, 2015
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First submittedAugust 9, 2014
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Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Level 35
Aug 9, 2014
Why South Korea and not North Korea?
Level 57
Aug 10, 2014
After Japan lost WWII, its territory in Korea was divided between the USA (South) and the Soviet Union (North). After a couple of years, the 2 Koreas declared independence and war on each other.

Just to clarify: the USSR was the successor state for Russia, both were based in Europe.

Level 87
Aug 11, 2014
What about South Sudan? Being the newest country it's never been conquered and ruled by Europeans.
Level 57
Aug 12, 2014
South Sudan was ruled as part of Sudan by the British Empire for more than half a century.
Level 87
Aug 14, 2014
South Sudan as an independent country has never been conquered. It was part of the Sudan until 2011 when it gained independence. When that area was ruled by the British it wasn't South Sudan as it is now. I think it should count.
Level 57
Aug 14, 2014
@ Gcotham, the aim of this quiz is to find out which countries have territories never invaded by Europeans. If I accepted your terms, I would have to accept, for example, almost all countries in Africa, because after their independence, they haven't been conquered by European nations.
Level 19
Nov 3, 2014
Liberia isn't a former British colony?
Level 57
Nov 4, 2014
It had European trading posts at its coast, but that's such a small part of the area and the people there. In the early 19th Century Americans conquered it and it has been independent since 1847.
Level 58
Mar 18, 2015
afghanistan??? has russia ever ruled it?
Level 57
Mar 19, 2015
The British and Soviet invasions weren't successful. Neither the Russian Empire or the Russian Federation have invaded Afghanistan. That means Russia has never ruled Afghanistan. Although, Afghanistan has been conquered by Alexander the Great on behalf of Macedonia. Macedonia was a country based in Europe, in modern Northern Greece.
Level 51
Nov 5, 2020
UK conquered it
Level 61
Jul 9, 2015
Although I'll agree that Oman wasn't completely conquered by Europeans, the Portuguese held Muscat, it's capital and the center of the nation's culture and population, for nearly 150 years until they in turn were tossed out by the Ottomans. And Tonga was a British protectorate from 1900-1970 from which they felt they needed to declare their independence to end.
Level 57
Jul 10, 2015
Thank you for pointing out Oman! On the other hand, Tonga was only a British protectorate, the power was still held by the Tongans.
Level 60
Aug 14, 2020
Going by that logic, Lesotho, Eswatini, Maldives and probably many others should also appear in the quiz.
Level 82
Oct 4, 2015
This quiz was fun but frustrating. My thought process was something like "Indonesia! No, that was Dutch. Qatar! No, we owned that one. Erm, Russia? No, that's in Europe" and so on and so forth. We Europeans didn't do conquering by halves, did we?
Level 69
Sep 9, 2016
Does Hong Kong and Macao not count as being parts of China? And what about Port Arthur?
Level 57
Sep 10, 2016
China is HUGE. A couple of ports and fortresses are not enough to say the Europeans controlled the country. Although China was divided into spheres of influence around 1900, the actual control over the country remained in the hands of the Manchus.
Level 52
Dec 8, 2020
And the objective of the quiz is to find out which countries didn't have as bit of land controlled by Europeans. No matter how tiny, it counts.
Level 44
Apr 24, 2017
the territory of Liberia was never owned by the French or British?
Level 57
Apr 25, 2017
See my answer to TeuKi's comment.
Level 50
Jul 26, 2018
Really cool quiz
Level 53
Nov 13, 2018
"They never got Thailand."
Level 49
Feb 13, 2020
"They never got Ethiopia"
Level 56
Jun 23, 2020
Actually they did, for ONE YEAR
Level 66
Jan 16, 2019
Must ve taken quite a lot of research to make this quiz well done!
Level 61
Dec 10, 2022
washington and oregon?