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32,3062019-12-14 Countries that Have Won the Most Battles
30,4282022-10-05 Pre 2000s Artists in the Top 500 on Spotify
22,0502023-03-13 Cities on Interstate 90 on a Map
19,7872021-04-30 Państwa, które wygrały najwięcej bitew
13,2102023-10-03 Biggest Cities in the Sun Belt on a Map
10,9312021-05-01 Ultimate Rust Belt City Quiz
7,9762022-06-05500 Most Common English Words
7,3092021-04-17Random US City Map Quiz - Hard
6,8172019-08-11 Länder mit den meisten gewonnenen Schlachten
6,4922020-12-26 Pays ayant gagné le plus de Batailles
5,8832023-04-28Star Wars Characters Screen Time by Movie
5,5672024-01-01One Thousand Cities Challenge
3,5502024-03-26Biggest French Speaking Cities
2,7662023-09-14250 World Cities Everyone Should Know
2,7282023-03-13Geography Tier Quiz
2,4232019-07-21 Paises que Ganharam Mais Batalhas
2,2622021-09-02Famous Battles on a Map
2,0432021-07-02Random Top 5 US States by Category
1,7912022-05-19 Landen die de meeste veldslagen hebben gewonnen
1,7902020-03-31 Maiores Cidades de Portugal em um Mapa
1,7652023-09-04Best Selling Video Game Franchises
1,7612024-04-1210 Biggest Cities by European Country
1,7052020-12-11Mortal Kombat 11 Characters
1,6452023-04-19World Geographic Math
1,6082021-11-19250 Cities in the United States Everyone Should Know
1,5342019-03-22500 palabras españolas más comunes
1,4762023-05-20Random Southern U.S. Cities on a Map
1,4392022-11-17Biggest Cities in the French Colonial Empire on a Map
1,4232023-04-28Random Western U.S. Cities on a Map
1,2252022-11-16Biggest Cities in the British Empire on a Map
1,1882020-04-13Elder Scrolls Tamriel Map
1,1712023-05-08Random Northeastern U.S. Cities on a Map
1,1342019-07-22 Países que Más Batallas Han Ganado
9512020-12-10Top 30 Countries by Tourism
8932023-02-03Geography Tier Quiz #2
8742020-12-10Modern Country by Empire
8092023-12-11U.S. Cities That Have Lost 20% of its Population
8092020-05-15 Valtiot, jotka ovat voittaneet eniten taisteluita
7252024-03-20Name a Valid Sea
6712024-03-03250 Musical Artists Everyone Should Know
6692023-10-05Countries in the Most Military Alliances
6582023-05-08Random Midwest U.S. Cities on a Map
6272020-12-12Name a Valid War
6222020-01-22Name a Valid River
6072023-01-03100 Largest US Cities by Population Metrics
5622019-06-10500 palavras mais comuns em português
5602022-04-21MLB 2022 Starting Lineups
5412022-11-16Biggest Cities in the Spanish Empire on a Map
5262024-04-03MLB Active WAR Leaders
5162020-01-28Name a Valid Video Game Series
5012019-03-22500 Most Common Spanish Words
4992023-10-22Click the Fleetwood Mac Song Title Ending
4722023-10-07Biggest Cities in the USA - 1790
4612020-12-11Modern City by Empire
4592023-09-22Mortal Kombat 1 (2023) Characters
4522020-12-13ASEAN Countries Geography Quiz
4472020-03-30Biggest Cities in Kazakhstan On a Map
4052021-04-15Countries by Historical Battle
4012020-03-28100 Most Known U.S. Cities
3992020-01-03Random Top Five US Cities by Category
3982022-11-21Walking Dead Characters by Episode Count
3862019-12-19European Cities- Tile Select
3792023-10-07Every U.S. Capital in History
3672020-06-20Random US City Map Quiz
3672024-04-06Biggest Cities in Yugoslavia on a Map
3622022-11-16Biggest Cities in the Portuguese Empire on a Map
3612020-07-29Iberian Peninsula Geography Quiz
3472021-10-29Historically Large US Cities
3312023-03-08All Mortal Kombat Characters
3212023-02-03Reasons Why Cyprus is in ______
3152023-03-28Biggest Cities in Angola on a Map
3052023-03-07All 200k Cities in the Sun Belt on a Map
2912020-05-29Biggest Cities in Ghana on a Map
2842023-04-13Architecture Styles
2772022-11-21All Civilization 6 Civs
2732019-09-02Civilizations that Won the Most Ancient Battles
2722023-04-01MLB 2023 Starting Lineups
2702022-07-26Fallout: New Vegas Characters by Hint
2642020-01-26Top 10 U.S. States by Active Military Troops
2522023-10-22Click the Coldplay Song Title Ending
2492020-03-31Biggest Cities in Portugal on a Map
2442020-12-12Most Important Cities According to Survey
2432024-03-14Guess the 2010's Artists
2422023-05-17Ultimate U.S. City Skylines
2362019-12-19Random Geography- Tile Select
2332020-06-18Largest Cities in the Maghreb on a Map
2282022-03-02Top Pre 2000 Spotify Artists
2212024-03-04100 Rock Bands by Members
2202020-08-07Biggest Cities in Luxembourg on a Map
1972019-11-14Biggest Cities in Europe by Region
1882024-03-14Guess the 1980's Artists
1872022-02-08U.S. States by City - Easy
1852020-06-20Random African City on a Map - Hard
1782024-03-14East African Federation Biggest Cities
1772023-11-22Walking Dead Characters by Picture
1762024-03-14Guess the 2000's Artists
1742023-03-26Biggest Cities in Botswana on a Map
1742020-04-24Spokane City Metro
1742024-03-14Guess the 1970's Artists
1692021-08-20Historical American Cities
1692024-03-30MLB 2024 Starting Lineups
1662023-10-06Biggest Cities in Chile on a Map
1632023-02-04Biggest Cities in the Dutch Empire on a Map
1592021-10-062021 Los Angeles Dodgers
1482023-02-012023 MLB Offseason Signings
1482024-03-14Guess the 1990's Artists
1462022-02-08US States by City - Hard
1402023-05-31Matchbox Twenty Songs
1372019-12-13Random U.S. City to Metro Area
1352024-01-191980s Albums (Easy)
1352020-07-09Biggest African Cities by Letter - A
1332022-02-08Most Common Guessed Cities on Iafisher
1302024-01-191990s Albums (Easy)
1292024-03-14Guess the 1960's Artists
1282024-01-191970s Albums (Easy)
1282019-12-12Halo Characters by Hint
1282021-04-21Historical Americans
1272020-06-01Largest Cities in Sudan
1262022-02-08US States by City - Medium
1242019-01-09Which USA City is Bigger?
1232019-12-19U.S. Cities- Tile Select
1232019-09-02Civilizations that Have Won the Most Battles 301-1300
1222021-10-062021 Houston Astros
1212024-01-192000s Albums (Easy)
1202019-11-13Biggest Cities in the Americas by Region
1202022-01-31The Jeopardy! Quiz
1192019-03-09Which Country?
1182024-03-22Albums by Cover Art - Hip-Hop
1182024-01-192010s Albums (Easy)
1172024-01-191960s Albums (Easy)
1162022-06-16U.S. Fortune 500 Cities
1142024-01-191980s Albums (Medium)
1132024-01-191970s Albums (Medium)
1132019-03-24Is that an European Capital?
1132023-01-26Songs By Artist: Queen
1122019-11-15Biggest Cities in Asia by Region
1122021-04-21Historical Britons
1102021-04-21Historical Germans
1102023-01-26Songs By Artist: Elvis Presley
1072021-03-06Biggest City in Each Washington County
1072024-01-191990s Albums (Medium)
1062019-06-09Most Impactful Countries
1032021-04-21Historical Russians
1012021-04-21Historical Italians
1012022-10-04100k+ Suburbs in the United States
1002024-02-20Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - Rock
992024-01-191990s Albums (Hard)
982024-02-04Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - Pop
972020-04-20Biggest Cities in Namibia
972024-03-15Songs By Artist: Michael Jackson
962022-11-21100 Walking Dead Characters
962023-09-22Music Artists by Country
952024-01-192010s Albums (Medium)
952024-03-22Albums by Cover Art - Classic Rock
942024-01-191980s Albums (Hard)
932023-02-12Cascadia Megalopolis Largest Cities
932020-05-18Biggest Cities in Uruguay on a Map
932022-11-21Walking Dead Main Cast
922020-07-09Biggest African Cities by Letter - B
922020-07-09Biggest African Cities by Letter - C
922021-03-19All Civilizations in the Civilization Series
892023-03-10Biggest Cities on the Mississippi River on a Map
882024-01-191970s Albums (Hard)
872024-01-192000s Albums (Medium)
862019-11-12Biggest Cities in Africa by Region
862021-04-21Historical French
862024-03-062010s Albums (Hard)
852024-01-191960s Albums (Medium)
852024-03-121980s Albums (Extreme)
852019-03-23Is that an Asian Capital?
842020-05-29Biggest Cities in Argentina
842024-02-13Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - Hip-Hop
832024-03-122010s Albums (Extreme)
832023-01-28Songs By Artist: Nirvana
832024-01-191990s Albums (Extreme)
832020-12-12Civilizations in Every Civilization Game
802023-12-11Biggest Cities in the Bible Belt on a Map
802022-05-30All 200k+ Cities in Northern America
782024-03-282024 MLB Offseason Signings
772024-01-191970s Albums (Extreme)
772023-12-21Click the Billy Joel Song Title Ending
772023-10-07U.S. States in 1790
752023-02-13Northern California Megalopolis Largest Cities
752023-10-22Click the Johnny Cash Song Title Ending
742020-07-09Biggest African Cities by Letter - D
742019-04-20World War I Countries
742024-01-191960s Albums (Hard)
732021-04-21Historical Spaniards
732021-10-16US Cities 3% of the State Population
722024-02-09Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - Grunge
722020-03-31Biggest Cities in Malawi With a Map
722023-02-04Songs By Artist: The Beatles
712024-02-171950s Albums
702018-12-02Most Common USA Cities on JetPunk
702024-01-192000s Albums (Hard)
682020-07-10Biggest African Cities by Letter - K
682020-07-12Biggest African Cities by Letter - L
672024-01-191960s Albums (Extreme)
662023-03-14Biggest Cities on the Ohio River on a Map
632020-07-10Biggest African Cities By Letter - F
622021-10-062021 San Francisco Giants
622023-03-24Biggest Cities on the Hudson River on a Map
622024-01-192000s Albums (Extreme)
612021-04-21Historical Chinese
602023-01-26Songs By Artist: Fleetwood Mac
602020-07-10Biggest African Cities by Letter - G
602023-01-27Songs By Artist: Johnny Cash
592024-01-20Elvis Presley Famous Songs
592020-07-10Biggest African Cities by Letter - J
592021-01-31Spokane-CDA Metropolitan Area
592020-03-02U.S. States With The Most Towns
582019-08-24Random Oldest City to Country
582024-02-09Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - R&B
582021-04-21Historical Austrians
582023-03-11Biggest Cities on the Missouri River on a Map
572023-04-11Inland Northwest Cities
572019-03-11Do You Know The United States?
572021-10-062021 Seattle Mariners
552024-02-172020s Albums
552020-07-11Biggest African Cities by Letter - P
542020-07-11Biggest African Cities by Letter - M
542021-10-062021 San Diego Padres
542019-11-15Biggest Cities in Oceania by Region
532023-10-23Click the Eric Clapton Song Title Ending
532019-11-11Country by Accomplishment
522020-07-12Biggest African Cities by Letter - T
522023-03-19Biggest Cities on the Arkansas River on a Map
512020-07-10Biggest African Cities by Letter - H
512023-03-19Biggest Cities on the Rio Grande River on a Map
492022-07-03Spokane Trivia
492018-09-30Star Wars Characters By Pictures
492024-02-05Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - Punk
482019-11-09Most Common African Cities on JetPunk
482020-07-11Biggest African Cities by Letter - N
482020-07-10Biggest African Cities by Letter - I
472020-07-12Biggest African Cities by Letter - S
472023-08-28World City Demonyms
462020-08-28World Exposition Host Cities
452021-04-21Historical Portuguese
442023-12-21Click the Rolling Stones Song Title Ending
442023-03-23Biggest Cities on the Tennessee River on a Map
432020-07-11Biggest African Cities by Letter - O
432020-07-09Biggest African Cities by Letter - E
422022-12-29Washington State Multiple Choice
422023-03-21Biggest Cities on the Columbia River on a Map
422023-03-20Biggest Cities on the Delaware River on a Map
422024-03-15Random 1970s Albums
422022-07-04Top 20 All Time Mariners
412019-12-18Every Metro & Micro Area in the USA
412022-07-26Fallout: New Vegas Factions
412024-01-05Keyboard Symbols
392024-03-15Random 1980s Albums
382023-03-18Biggest Cities on the Colorado River on a Map
382023-10-03Music Artists by Country #2
372021-09-05US City Flags #2
372020-07-13Biggest African Cities by Letter - W
362023-03-22Biggest Cities on the Snake River on a Map
362023-03-19Biggest Cities on the Red River on a Map
362023-01-22Urban Planning Basic Knowledge
352022-03-29Africa Basic Knowledge
352022-03-12Spokane Neighborhoods
352020-02-11Biggest Cities in Belgium
352023-11-18Click the Talking Heads Song Title Ending
352021-03-05Largest Cities in BRICS
342024-02-04Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - Country
342020-07-12Biggest African Cities by Letter - R
332019-11-12Smooth Lyrics Quiz
332020-07-13Biggest African Cities by Letter - Z
332021-05-30Biggest Cities in Ethiopia
312020-07-13Biggest African Cities by Letter - Y
312019-12-19African Cities- Tile Select
302024-02-09Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - Post Punk
302021-10-062021 Los Angeles Angels
302024-02-05Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - Folk
282024-02-09Song Title to Artist Click Quiz - New Wave
282023-11-18Click the Velvet Underground Song Title Ending
282023-10-23Click the Van Morrison Song Title Ending
272023-11-18Click the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Song Title Ending
262024-03-15Random 2000s Albums
262024-03-15Random 1960s Albums
262023-09-22Songs by Artist: Coldplay
262021-10-062021 Texas Rangers
262020-07-13Biggest African Cities by Letter - V
252024-04-16Albums by Cover Art - Hard Rock
242021-01-18Largest Subdivision by Country
222020-07-13Biggest African City by Letter - X
222024-03-16Random 2010s Albums
222024-03-15Random 1990s Albums
222024-04-15Albums by Cover Art - Pop
222023-12-21Click the Tom Petty Song Title Ending
222021-10-062021 Colorado Rockies
202023-11-18Click the Leonard Cohen Song Title Ending
202021-10-062021 Oakland Athletics
202019-03-16Billboard Hot 100- Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas
202018-12-23Best Selling Game Franchise by Letter
182023-02-01OIAS Countries
182023-12-09Which New York Borough?
172020-07-12Biggest African Cities by Letter - Q
162023-10-07US Capitals - 1790
162019-11-123AM Lyrics Quiz
162024-04-16Albums by Cover Art - Metal
152020-07-12Biggest African Cities by Letter - U
152020-04-26Top JetPunk Users by Letter
152023-11-18Click the Chris Isaak Song Title Ending
142023-08-28Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame
122021-10-062021 Arizona Diamondbacks
122020-04-08JetPunk Discord Honorable Members
102022-07-26Most Taken JetPunk Account by Letter
92024-04-17Albums by Cover Art - Punk
82023-06-26JetPunk Server 2019 FC's
52024-03-04Songs By Artist: Roxy Music