Geography Tier Quiz

In each category, answer questions based on difficulty in a tier system. Once you answer a question in a tier, other questions will be revealed.
Some questions can have multiple answers
All city population totals are measured in Urban Area
Quiz by UG332
Last updated: March 13, 2023
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First submittedMarch 20, 2020
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Which country has the Eiffel Tower?
Which countries are on the British Isles?
UK / Ireland
In what country can you visit Machu Picchu?
Name a country ending in -Guay
Paraguay / Uruguay
Which country produces the most Cars?
Name a country formerly part of Yugoslavia
Croatia / Serbia...
What is the 6th most populated country?
What country only borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia?
Name a Baltic State
Estonia / Latvia / Lithuania
Which country owns the Cook Islands?
New Zealand
Name a Caribbean country that starts with Saint
St. Lucia / St. Kitts & Nevis...
What country borders Gabon and Cameroon?
Equatorial Guinea
Which country owns the city of Pakse (Pakxe)
What is the capital of Germany?
Name a city over 1m in Canada
Toronto / Montreal...
What is the biggest city in Pakistan?
Name a city over 300k in Oklahoma
Oklahoma City / Tulsa
Name a city struck by a nuclear bomb
Hiroshima / Nagasaki
Which Colombian city is known for its nightlife & old town
What is the capital & largest city of Angola?
Name one of the two largest cities in Cameroon
Douala / Yaounde
Which city is the most populated in the world?
What is the largest city in Siberia?
This former "city" in Hong Kong was bulldozed in 1993
Kowloon Walled City
What was the former capital of Burundi?
Name the most populated city on the Kola Peninsula
Which two U.S. states were the last to join the union
Alaska / Hawaii
Name a Canadian Territory (Not Province)
Nunavut / Yukon...
What is the largest state by area in Germany?
Which peninsula is disputed by Ukraine and Russia
The Renaissance started in this Italian province
French province is known for its Celtic Culture?
Name a U.S. Pacific Territory
Guam / Jarvis Island...
Perth is the capital of this Australian State
Western Australia
Which Asian country names its provinces numerically?
Which British oversea territory is the most populous?
Cayman Islands
What is the largest state in Brazil?
What Serbian province was a short proclaimed republic?
Name one of the three historical divisions in Libya
Tripolitania, Cyrenaica...
Level 67
Mar 29, 2021
Hi y'all, thanks for the suggestions and feedback on my quiz. This was one of my older quizzes and I have ironed out the mistakes everybody pointed out in the comments. Thanks again everybody for the nominations, and whoever spotlighted my quiz :D
Level 75
Mar 22, 2020
Good quiz. Jordan also borders Iraq and Saudi.
Level 86
Mar 24, 2020
Agreed, that was my first guess.
Level 64
Mar 25, 2021
But the question was which country ONLY borders Saudi and Iraq.

Jordan borders Syria and Israel

Level 86
Mar 24, 2020
Couldn't Ibiza be an answer for the Spanish party island?
Level 67
Mar 24, 2020
Actually it could, I'll make that a valid answer and I'll change to wording on Kuwait's Question as well :D
Level 68
Mar 29, 2021
I tried Ibiza, and it is not accepted yet. Good quiz!
Level 78
Mar 29, 2021
Interesting mix of questions. Had never heard of the city in the final country question before. Australia doesn't have Provinces, it has States and Territories. I'm pretty sure Germany has States rather than Provinces too.
Level 38
Mar 29, 2021
English correction - "Name a Spanish island city known for partying" - not that you can't understand the question as it is - just an FYI.

Fun quiz!

Level 73
Mar 29, 2021
Fun quiz.

I'm sure it would be featured if it was tidied up a bit.

e.g. odd capital letters dotted around some questions; "an (sic) Spanish island city"; "divides its provinces into numbers"? perhaps "names its provinces numerically"; "the birthplace of the Renaissance"; Australian and German states".

The clues are a nice range though, and it's very nicely organised.

Level 86
Mar 29, 2021
The question about "non-contiguous state of America" is confusing. It was unclear if it was asking about countries in North and South America, or whether it was asking about states in the USA. Then, once I figured out it was looking for a US state, it is unclear that it is looking for a state that is non-contiguous to the US mainland. I tried Michigan because it is separated into two peninsulas, and therefore is non-contiguous.
Level 57
Mar 29, 2021
Please accept "Uraguay" (normal type-in) for Uruguay. Other than that, pretty cool quiz and nice variety ;)!
Level 73
Apr 1, 2021
But "Uruguay" is possibly the most satisfying country name to type on a keyboard - you're pretty much just tapping two zones with two fingers! Why want it any other way???
Level 73
Apr 1, 2021
And can I preemptively stop any "two zones with two fingers" jokes please.
Level 66
Mar 29, 2021
great quiz...really fun structure
Level 28
Mar 29, 2021
Hmm, most populated city in the world?
Level 87
Mar 31, 2021
When was Vojvodina a republic?
Level 44
May 1, 2021
Republic of the Congo also borders Gabon and Cameroon, I think.
Level 81
Mar 21, 2022
Please accept "OKC" for Oklahoma City. This is a universal type-in.
Level 55
Feb 10, 2023
Nice idea to reveal questions in order of difficulty!

Somehow, I had the feeling that questions don't only get more difficult from top down, but also from left to right - or is it just me? ;-)

Level 92
Feb 10, 2023
great quiz.

only point (but this is really nitpicking) is that if in the "subdivisions" column the answer has to be a subdivision of some sort, then "nepal" does not belong to this column. And I know that the question is related to subdivisions, but it's not what matters in this case IMHO.

Level 69
Feb 10, 2023
This is great! It starts easy but then gets progressively harder and harder
Level 71
Feb 10, 2023
Shoutout to Cartagena, best city in the world!