Geography Tier Quiz #2

In each category, answer questions based on difficulty in a tier system. Once you answer a question in a tier, other questions will be revealed.
Some questions can have multiple answers
Quiz by UG332
Last updated: February 3, 2023
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First submittedMay 21, 2020
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Bodies of Water
Name of the group of lakes on the US-Canadian Border
Great Lakes
What sea is located in between North & South America?
Caribbean Sea
What is the largest "lake" in the world?
Caspian Sea
Which ocean encircles Antarctica?
Southern Ocean
Which Strait is the gateway into the Atlantic Ocean?
Strait of Gibraltar
Sea in Asia has been shrinking since the 1960's?
Aral Sea
What Gulf is the largest source of oil in the world?
Persian Gulf
Name any sea bordering the north coast of Russia
Chukchi Sea...
Which lake is the deepest in the world?
Lake Baikal
What lake has the most species of fish in the world?
Lake Malawi
This sea by Russia and Ukraine is the most shallow in the world
Sea of Azov
What is the largest lake purely within Canada?
Great Bear Lake
What sea is defined by four currents in the Atlantic Ocean?
Sargasso Sea
Mountain chain from British Columbia to New Mexico
Rocky Mountains
Mountain home of the Greek Gods
Mt. Olympus
What is the tallest mountain in Africa?
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Mountain in Switzerland known for its near-symmetric shape
What is the longest mountain chain in the world?
Andes Mountains
Name a mountain range separating Europe and Asia
Ural Mountains...
Largest mountain range in the Maghreb
Atlas Mountians
Tallest mountain in North America
Mt. Denali
Hawaiian volcano that erupted in 1984
Mauna Loa
Tallest mountain in the Andes Mountains
Mt. Aconcagua
Tallest mountain in the United Kingdom
Ben Nevis
Highest coastal mountain chain named for a Danish explorer
Saint Elias Mts.
Third tallest mountain in the world
What is the longest river in South America?
Which river connects the cities of Belgrade, Bratislava and Budapest?
This European river is a source of German nationalism
What river was called the cradle of Chinese civilization?
What river is the most sacred to the Hindu Religion?
This U.S. river leads to the national capital
Name one of the two rivers in the Mesopotamia region
Tigris / Euphrates
This river divides half of the United States-Mexico border
Rio Grande
Name a tributary of the Nile River
Blue Nile / Atbara...
What river passes through the cities of Lisbon and Toledo?
What is the longest river in Western Africa?
Niger River
South American river that has the 5th largest drainage area in the world
Rio de la Plata
This African river passes through Mozambique and ends in South Africa
Level 75
May 21, 2020
Technically the Anacostia is the only river running through DC. The Potomac just defines part of the city limits. Otherwise good quiz.
Level 75
May 21, 2020
Also can you accept Parana for Rio de La Plata?
Level 68
May 21, 2020
I have never heard of that wording, but I'll do it for sure
Level 75
May 21, 2020
The Parana, isn't an alternate name, just it is one of the two rivers that forms the estuary of the Rio de La Plata
Level 68
May 21, 2020
I will change the wording then, thank you
Level 45
Mar 29, 2021
Accept McKinley for Denali?
Level 76
May 3, 2021
The gateway to the Atlantic could just as easily be the strait of Magellan
Level 63
Jul 3, 2021
Yeah, with the current wording all gateways to the Atlantic should be accepted.
Level 78
Apr 2, 2022
It rather depends where you are starting from. The Davis strait would be another option.
Level 68
Jul 3, 2021
Correction: "Highest coastal mountain chain named for a Danish explorer". The answer is correct, but the mountain the chain was named after, was named BY a Danish explorer (Vitus Bering), not FOR.
Level 71
Jul 3, 2021
Perhaps you should accept Huang He or Huang Ho for Yellow River. And funnyfact I got so used to call both Yellow and Blue by their chinese names it was kinda hard to remember the engish names lol
Level 95
Jul 7, 2021
I've only ever seen it spelled "Kanchenjunga," don't know if this is a correction or in I'm just asking for you to accept a type-in! --Oh, and maybe a little more time? :)