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2602021-09-22Top 25 cities in Taiwan by population
612021-02-20Taiwan townships and district quiz-01 New Taipei City
482021-11-22Countries whose capital isn't its biggest city
462020-10-03Date a live all Spirits
432023-02-23Badminton ranking at 2022.07.16
392021-11-22Biggest Cities of Countries that aren't Capital
302023-12-20Taiwan Townships--every county
272021-11-18Anime characters--guess those I like
262020-09-27Taiwan townships and districts quiz-02 Taipei City
182022-02-26Capitals of every Taiwan Counties and Cities
172020-10-02All Class in Fate/Grand Order
122022-03-31The result of the No longer Deserted Anime contests
112023-12-20#Taiwan All stations in Taipei metro MRT
112020-10-04Taiwan townships and districts quiz 03-Keelung City
102021-08-13The Quintessential Quintuplets main characters quiz
92022-02-28The most populous cities/districts in every counties/cities in Taiwan
92023-04-13Taiwan townships and district quiz-05 Taoyuan City
82021-09-22Strike the blood all ending songs
62024-01-05#Taiwan all station of Taoyuan airport MRT
62021-06-04Taiwan townships and district quiz-04 Yilan County
62022-02-28The 2nd most populous cities/districts of counties/cities in Taiwan
62021-06-04Date a live opening and ending songs
62021-06-07Taiwan townships and districts quiz 07-Hsinchu City
52023-12-19All of the cities and 鎮(zhen/town) in township's level in Taiwan
42021-06-08Taiwan townships and districts quiz 08-Miaoli County
42021-08-13The Quintessential Quintuplets all theme songs
32023-02-18Taiwan townships and districts quiz 09-Hualien County
32024-01-05#Taiwan All stations in New Taipei metro MRT/LRT
22021-06-05Taiwan townships and district quiz-06 Hsinchu County