Most Important Battles of WW2

Based on the description, enter the name of the battle that occurred some time during the 2nd World War. Difficulty level: Hard
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Last updated: May 19, 2018
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The deadliest battle in world history
Battle of Stalingrad
The largest tank battle in history
Battle of Kursk
The last major German offensive of the war
Battle of the Bulge
The first major engagements between American and Axis forces in the war
Battle of Kasserine Pass
The battle during which the Japanese carrier fleet was wiped out
Battle of Midway
The naval battle in which both the battleship Bismarck and the battleship Hood were sunk
Battle of the Denmark Strait
The naval engagement that prevented Japan from invading Australia
Battle of the Coral Sea
The second of two battles in the region surrounding this town that was decisive in deciding the fate of Egypt
Second Battle of El Alamein
The beachfront that the Canadians were responsible for taking on D-Day
The first beachfront that the Americans were responsible for taking on D-Day
The second beachfront that the Americans were responsible for taking on D-Day
The first beachfront that the British were responsible for taking on D-Day
The second beachfront that the British were responsible for taking on D-Day
The final battle of the war which saw Germany's final major defeat in the war and resulted in mass-rape by Russian forces
Battle of Berlin
The siege that saw over 4,000,000 total casualties and lasted for over two years
Siege of Leningrad
One of the last battles of the war, it was the only conflict during which American forces and German forces fought side-by-side
Battle for Castle Itter
The German Luftwaffe's aerial dominance over the English channel was directly challenged and broken, preventing Operation Sea Lion
Battle of Britain
This battle saw the encirclement of over 400,000 Soviet soldiers near the beginning of Operation Barbarossa
Battle of Kiev
This operation to regain the Netherlands by the Allies, which was notably made up of a majority paratrooper force, was a massive failure
Operation Market Garden
This successful evacuation of the entire British army from a port in Northern France was praised by the Allies, and kept Britain in the war
Battle of Dunkirk
This battle in Belgium and the Netherlands led to the Allies regaining the city of Antwerp, which greatly assisted in supply for Allied troops
Battle of the Scheldt
A naval and ground battle that saw more Japanese deaths by starvation than actual combat; also saw the death of Yamamoto when his plane was shot done
Battle of Guadalcanal
Level 50
Jul 15, 2019
I typed out in full, battle of berlin, but it didnt take it. I also typed out in full, siege of leningrad, but it didnt take that either.
Level 66
Oct 8, 2021
The type-ins are incomplete for Leningrad, Kiev and Berlin... Please fix them!
Level 90
Oct 8, 2021
Typing “YAMAMOTOSDEMISE” will answer all questions.
Level 68
Oct 10, 2021
how did you find out
Level 42
Oct 21, 2021
All this does is give me more questions.