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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user BrazenMosaur.
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Times taken 8,885
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2,7522021-11-27Countries of the World - Alphabetically
1,5962022-08-28100 Biggest Cities That Aren't World Capitals On A Map
1,4122023-10-27Capitals of the world on a map - alphabetically
1,2202022-09-23Cities Bigger Than Their State Capital On A Map
4882022-08-14Letters of the Greek alphabet - in order
2272019-05-31Danish Monarchs
1452021-04-15Harry Potter characters who destroyed a horcrux
1372022-08-18100 Biggest Cities That Aren't World Capitals
1092022-08-24Biggest City For Each Letter With A Map
712021-08-11Get lucky
662022-09-15U.S. States With Most Cities Bigger Than Their Capital
652022-11-28Every Country Shape Upside Down
522023-02-19Country Flags That Contain Themselves
492022-04-02Countries with the most vowels
472021-03-01All elements etymology
392019-07-17Artists in Ed Sheeran's No. 6 collaborations
382022-10-20Least Guessed General Knowledge
352022-10-22Least Guessed General Knowledge #2
352023-04-20U.S. License Plates - Picture Map Quiz
322022-08-24Biggest City For Each Letter
292021-04-06Biggest city by country letter
262022-10-22Least Guessed General Knowledge #3
262022-04-02Countries with the lowest vowel to consonant ratio
242022-11-28Random Country Shapes Upside Down
232022-09-23Cities Bigger Than Their State Capital
212022-04-04Countries with the highest vowel to consonant ratio
202023-05-30Biggest Cities By Length Of Name
202022-02-01Biggest first level division by country
182022-03-30Which Beatle wrote the song?
182022-08-01Hexadecimal color codes
172023-12-06200 Største Danske Byer - Map Quiz
152018-05-23Largest lakes in Denmark
122022-07-09Capital cities by elevation
12023-12-07Danske Europa- og primærruter - Map Quiz