All Psychic Type Moves in Pokemon

How many Psychic type moves in Pokemon do you know? Please let me know if I got anything incorrect or if my descriptions weren't effective.
Gens 1 - 8
Does not include moves exclusive to Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, Z-Moves, Max moves, or moves such as Judgement that change type.
Includes moves that were removed in Pokemon Sword/Shield
Sources: Bulbapedia and Pokemon Showdown
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Last updated: April 10, 2021
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Status, raises user's speed by 2 stages
Status, user swaps places with its teammate in a double battle
Ally Switch
Status, raises user's special defense by 2 stages
Status, raises user's defense by 2 stages
Status, raises user's special attack and special defense by 1 stage
Calm Mind
Special, 40 BP, 10% chance to confuse the target
Status, raises user's defense and special defense by 1 stage
Cosmic Power
Special, 100 BP, draining move, only hits target if it is asleep
Dream Eater
Special, 80 BP, removes 3 PP from the target's last used move
Eerie Spell
Special, 80 BP, BP is increased by 50% if used while in Psychic Terrain, hits both foes in a double battle
Expanding Force
Special, 80 BP, 10% chance to flinch target
Special, 90 BP, 10% chance to freeze target
Freezing Glare
Status, ground immunities removed, all accuracies increase by 1.67x, effects last for 5 turns
Status, averages defense and special defense stats with the target
Guard Split
Status, swaps defense and special defense changes with the target
Guard Swap
Status, target is prevented from healing for 5 turns
Heal Block
Status, heals target by 1/2 HP
Heal Pulse
Status, user faints, next hurt Pokemon is fully healed
Healing Wish
Physical, 60 BP, 30% chance to flinch target
Heart Stamp
Status, swaps all stat changes with the target
Heart Swap
Special, 80 BP, breaks target's protection for the turn
Hyperspace Hole
Status, puts the target to sleep
Status, prevents foes from using moves that the user also has
Status, the target immediately uses its last used move
Status, lowers the target's accuracy by 1 stage
Status, special damage against user/allies is halved for 5 turns
Light Screen
Status, user faints, next Pokemon's HP and PP are restored, status is cured
Lunar Dance
Special, 70 BP, 50% chance to lower the target's special defense by 1 stage
Luster Purge
Status, bounces back some status moves
Magic Coat
Status, the target becomes pure Psychic type
Magic Powder
Status, all items on the field have no effect for 5 turns
Magic Room
Status, raises attack stat by one stage
Status, evasion stat changes are ignored, removes a Dark type target's immunity to Psychic (until it switches out),
Miracle Eye
Special, if user is hit by a special attack, it does double that damage to the target
Mirror Coat
Special, 70 BP, 50% chance to lower target's special attack by 1 stage
Mist Ball
Special, 100 BP, becomes physical if user's attack stat is greater than its special attack stat, ignores the target's ability
Photon Geyser
Status, user averages attack and special attack stats with the target
Power Split
Status, user swaps attack and special attack stat changes with the target
Power Swap
Status, user's attack and defense stats are swapped
Power Trick
Special, 160 BP, user must recharge next turn
Prismatic Laser
Special, 65 BP, 10% chance to confuse the target
Special, 90 BP, 10% chance to lower the target's special defense by one stage
Physical, 85 BP, destroys screens (unless target is immune)
Psychic Fangs
Status, Psychic type moves do 1.33x damage, priority moves fail, effects only apply to grounded Pokemon
Psychic Terrain
Special, 140 BP, lowers the user's special attack stat by 2 stages
Psycho Boost
Physical, 70 BP, high critical hit ratio
Psycho Cut
Status, transfers the user's status ailment to the target
Psycho Shift
Special, 80 BP, damages target based on defense instead of special defense
Special, 100 BP, damages target based on defense instead of special defense
Status, physical damage against user/allies is halved for 5 turns
Status, cures user's status and heals all HP, puts user to sleep
Status, replaces user's ability with the target's
Role Play
Status, the user and target trade abilities
Skill Swap
Status, the user and target trade speed stats
Speed Swap
Special, 20 BP, adds 20 BP for each of the user's stat boosts
Stored Power
Special, 120 BP, only damages targets with the same type as the user, hits all Pokemon in a double battle
Status, user is no longer grounded for 3 turns, but moves against it can't miss
Status, user switches out, has negative priority
Status, user trades items with the target
Status, turn order is reversed for 5 turns (i.e. slow Pokemon go first), has negative priority
Trick Room
Status, all defense and special defense stats on the field are switched for 5 turns
Wonder Room
Physical, 80 BP, 20% chance to make the target flinch
Zen Headbutt
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