All Water Type Moves in Pokemon

How many water type moves in Pokemon do you know? Please let me know if I got anything incorrect or if my descriptions weren't effective.
Gens 1 - 8
Does not include moves exclusive to Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, Z-Moves, Max moves, or moves such as Judgement that change type.
Includes moves that were removed in Pokemon Sword/Shield
Sources: Serebii, Bulbapedia, and Pokemon Showdown
Quiz by luke1
Last updated: April 7, 2021
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Physical, 40 BP, has priority
Aqua Jet
Status, user regains 1/16 HP per turn
Aqua Ring
Physical, 90 BP
Aqua Tail
Special, 65 BP, damage doubled if user is below half health.
Special, 40 BP, 10% chance to lower the target's speed by 1 stage
Special, 65 BP, 10% chance to lower the target's speed by 1 stage
Bubble Beam
Physical, 35 BP, traps and damages target for 4-5 turns
Physical, 100 BP, higher critical hit chance
Physical, 90 BP, user becomes invulnerable on the first turn and attacks on the next
Physical, 85 BP, BP doubles if the user moves before the target
Fishous Rend
Physical, 60 BP, user switches out after damaging the target
Flip Turn
Special, 150 BP, user must recharge for a turn after using
Hydro Cannon
Special, 110 BP
Hydro Pump
Status, heals user and allies 1/4 HP
Life Dew
Physical, 85 BP, 20% chance to lower target's defense by 1 stage
Special, 90 BP, 30% chance to lower the target's accuracy by 1 stage, hits all Pokemon in a double battle
Muddy Water
Special, 65 BP, 50% chance to lower target's accuracy by 1 stage
Special, 110 BP, hits both foes in a double battle
Origin Pulse
Status, changes weather to Rain for 5 turns
Rain Dance
Physical, 75 BP, 50% chance to lower target's defense by 1 stage
Razor Shell
Special, 80 BP, 30% chance to burn target
Special, 80 BP, high critical hit chance, cannot be redirected by moves such as Follow Me
Snipe Shot
Status, turns target into a pure Water type
Special, 90 BP, cures target's burn, hits all Pokemon in a double battle
Sparkling Aria
Special, 110 BP, 30% chance to burn target
Steam Eruption
Special, 90 BP, hits all Pokemon in a double battle
Physical, 25 BP, hits 3 times, each hit is a guarenteed critical hit
Surging Strikes
Special, 40 BP
Water Gun
Special, 80 BP, special effects occur when used with its Fire or Grass variants
Water Pledge
Special, 60 BP, 20% chance to confuse the target
Water Pulse
Special, 15 BP, hits 2-5 times, has priority
Water Shuriken
Status, weakens fire type moves for 5 turns
Water Sport
Special, 150 BP, BP decreases as the user's HP decreases
Water Spout
Physical, 80 BP, 20% chance to flinch
Special, 35 BP, traps and damages the target for 4-5 turns
Status, raises user's defense stat by 1 stage
Level 66
Apr 7, 2021
What about Snipe Shot?
Level 43
Apr 7, 2021
I just realized a number of Gen 8 moves aren't here. I must have missed them or something, but I'll add them now.

Edit: The missing moves have been added. Sorry for the mistake, and thank you for pointing this out!