The Big Bang Theory General Quiz (TV)

Think you know the Big Bang Theory? Take this quiz and find out!!! *****Updated and IMPROVED!***** I fixed some bugs from the original one, and added more questions, including some from the new (current) season and the last one.
Quiz by KetchupRevenge
Last updated: December 17, 2013
First submittedNovember 9, 2012
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Who lives across the hallway from Sheldon and Leonard?
Who began college when he was eleven?
How many siblings does Penny have?
What food cooked by his mother does Howard use to test his Zero Gravity Waste Disposal System?
Thursday is _____ night
Sheldon's uncle "Stumpy's" real name
Sheldon's favorite burger from the Cheesecake Factory
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger
How much did Leonard pay for the couch when he bought it from the tenants on the first floor?
What is the name of Penny's rival who moves into the fifth floor apartment above Sheldon and Leonard?
What is Raj's official job title?
In the opening scene of the Pilot Episode, where are Sheldon and Leonard going?
High IQ Sperm Bank
What online game does Sheldon get Penny addicted to?
Age Of Conan
In order to get a meeting with Stephen Hawking, who does Sheldon take dress shopping?
Mrs. Wolowitz
Leonard's digestive problems are caused by what common condition?
Lactose Intolerance
Raj's father's occupation is a what?
What is the nickname that Sheldon's grandmother gave him?
According to Sheldon, what does Penny's Chinese Character tattoo actually mean?
Which relative did Howard say he lost his virginity to?
His second cousin
What was Amy's nickname in highschool after some girls put Rogaine into her hand lotion?
Gorilla Fingers Fowler
Bernadette is from what religious background?
What is Raj's favorite alcoholic drink?
What is Bernadette's dad's first name?
According to Sheldon's mother, what was his favorite dessert when he was younger?
Her Peach Cobbler
Who was the resident that lived in Apartment 4B prior to Penny living there?
What US city does The Big Bang Theory take place in?
Pasadena, California
What is Raj's dog's name?
What cut of beef is Mrs. Wolowitz really good at cooking?
What is Penny's "Age of Conan" screename?
Princess Penelope
What is Howard's astronaut nickname?
How many siblings does Raj have?
In his childhood, Sheldon was once chased up a tree by this animal.
Mrs. Riley's Chicken
What was the name of Leonard's girlfriend who defected to North Korea?
Joyce Kim
What country does Howard's space shuttle depart from?
What was the name of Sheldon's roommate before Leonard? (name was mentioned in episode credits only)
Saturday is ______ night
What restaurant does Penny work as a waitress at?
The Cheesecake Factory
What does Leonard bring back from the North Pole to give to Penny?
A Snowflake
What sport is Sheldon an expert in because his father made him watch it all the time?
American Football
Who did Penny mistakenly marry when she went to Las Vegas on Thanksgiving?
Zach Johnson
Who owns the Comic Book Store that the gang go to on Wednesdays?
What was the name of the lead female character from the ORIGINAL pilot episode of the Big Bang Theory (before Penny)?
Level 23
Feb 7, 2013
A really good quiz

I only struggled allot on the stumpy question

Level 16
Jul 28, 2013
I knew the burger one but I spelled out barbecue :(
Level 32
Sep 23, 2013
Please add "Gynaecologist" as an acceptable answer.
Level 8
Dec 15, 2013
Level 19
Jul 6, 2014
Penny's sn is QueenPenelope. She says it when Leonard comes into her apartment and she tells her teammates 'QueenPenelope afk, what?".
Level 50
Feb 3, 2016
Level 61
Mar 19, 2015
Penny's name in the game is Queen Penelope, not Princess Penelope.