DragonBall Z General Quiz (Difficult)

For fans of the series!
Quiz by KetchupRevenge
Last updated: November 9, 2012
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What is the name of the attack that Vegeta uses where he bombards his opponent with small ki blasts?
Renzoku energy dan
How many fingers on each hand do Namekians have in the manga series?
What is the name of Pui Pui's home planet?
Planet Voon
What does Ox King send Goku to get from Roshi to put the fire out on his mountain?
The Bancho
What did Roshi originally call upon to reward Goku and Bulma for returning his turtle to him?
The Bird of Immortality
Who competed with the child of Katassu for the throne of Kami?
What is the name of the child Namekian who gets killed by Dedoria?
What is Fat Gogeta's official name?
How heavy were Goku's training weights before South Kaioshin changed them, which forced him to go Super Saiyan? (per limb)
Two Tons
Who is the first character who uses an advanced form of Super Saiyan?
What is the actual color of the sparks in the ki aura of a Super Saiyan 2?
In "Yo! Son Goku and his friends Return!", what was the food that Vegeta had claimed for himself, but became very upset when Goku ended up eating it?
Who assisted Dr. Gero in turning himself into an Artificial Human?
Artificial Human 19
What is Freeza's weakest known power level?
What was Planet Vegeta called before it was changed by King Vegeta?
Planet Plant
Lord Slug was the evil incarnation of what Namekian?
The Namekian Elder
Which Voice Actor voiced Vegeta in the clips that are synonomous with the "It's Over 9000!!" Internet meme?
Brian Drummond
In the anime, what medical equipment is Goku terrified of?
The Needle
Level 16
Nov 8, 2012
You know, most of these clues and questions were from the original Dragon Ball, not DBZ.
Level 6
Nov 8, 2012
I find that Dragon Ball is usually ignored, so I was trying to add some stuff that was Dragon Ball. If I'd said "Dragon Ball General Quiz", some people can't piece together that DragonBall and DragonBall Z are actually the same thing, just Dragon Ball Z was the name of the anime adaptation for the manga volumes 17-42.

I also make it a little easy by allowing you to type several different things and still get the right answer. I may lessen the the "Dragon Ball" based questions and focus more on Dragon Ball Z. I hate GT and haven't even seen the whole series anyway, that's why there's like, no questions for GT.

Level 6
Nov 8, 2012
I updated some questions so that they're more related to the "Z". Not all of them though, because that would defeat the purpose