DragonBall Z Saiyan Quiz

Do you REALLY know the Saiyans???
Quiz by KetchupRevenge
Last updated: November 11, 2012
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The main character of Dragon Ball
Son Goku/Kakarot
The Prince of the Saiyans
Goku's older Brother
Goku's look-alike from Tree of Might
The King of the Saiyans
King Vegeta
What feature are all Saiyans born with?
A monkey tail
What can Saiyans turn into in the presence of a full moon?
What is Goku and Raditz's father's name?
What is the name of the race that the Saiyans destroyed in order to claim the planet as their own?
The Tuffles
What was the planet re-named after the Saiyans took it over?
Planet Vegeta
Super Form 1 (Partial transformation)
False Super Saiyan
Super Form
Super Saiyan
Super Form (first modification)
Super Saiya-jin Dai Ni Denkai (Second Grade)
Super Form (second modification)
Super Saiya-jin Dai San Denkai (Third Grade)
Super Form (Form particular to one person)
Legendary Super Saiyan
Super Form (Mastered Version)
Super Saiyan Full Power
This Super Form is stated to change the Saiyan's personality more so than any other form
Super Saiyan 2
This form uses up a lot of ki
Super Saiyan 3
The final Super Form achieved in Dragon Ball GT
Super Saiyan 4
What color must the Oozaru's fur turn before someone can achieve the Final level of Super Saiyan?
Gold (Yellow)
What is the coined term for the power increase that Saiyans recieve from recovering from injuries?
Who was the first half Saiyan born?
Son Gohan
Who was the second half Saiyan born?
Who was the third half Saiyan born?
Son Goten
Who was the fourth half Saiyan born?
Who was the only quarter Saiyan born?
Who is Vegeta's younger brother, introduced in the 2008 special "Yo! Son Goku and his friends return!"?
In Toriyama's self-parody manga Neko Majin, who is the Saiyan that hangs out with Freeza's son Kuriza?
Who is the only full-blooded female Saiyan ever seen?
Bardock's red headband is the blood-soaked armband of which member of his team?
Who was Vegeta's loyal assistant and comrad in arms?
Level 14
May 29, 2013
I think that Ascended Super saiyan and Ultra Super saiyan should be accepted for the first and second modified super forms.