Fullmetal Alchemist Anime (2009) and Manga Quiz

"Heartbreaking. One of the greatest anime series ever made."
Quiz by KetchupRevenge
Last updated: December 3, 2012
First submittedDecember 3, 2012
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Who created the series Fullmetal Alchemist?
Hiromu Arakawa
Who is the Fullmetal Alchemist?
Edward Elric
What is the one absolute law of Alchemy?
The Law of Equivalent Exchange
What is the keeper of "The Gate" known as?
The Truth
What does Edward trade to get Alphones's soul back from The Truth?
His Right Arm
Who was the first Homunculus?
The Dwarf in the Flask (Father)
In Alchemy, what is the ultimate taboo?
Human Transmutation
Who lost his entire body when him and his brother Edward attempted to bring back their deceased mother through human transmutation?
Alphonse Elric
Opening "The Gate of Truth" through Human Transmutation enables an alchemist to then perform transmutation without first drawing what?
A Matrix
Führer King Bradley is which of the seven Homunculi?
Which character was nicknamed "The Northern Wall of Briggs"?
General Olivia Mira Armstrong
What is the primary ingredient needed to make a philosopher's stone?
Human souls
Who lost some of her internal organs when attempting to bring back her deceased baby through human transmutation?
Izumi Curtis
Which of the Homunculi be-littles humans, but committed suicide when they realized that he couldn't be more like them?
Which of the Homunculi was Father's failed attempt to create his own "Void of Truth"?
Who is the "Strong Arm Alchemist"?
Major Alex Louis Armstrong
Who is Edward's automail mechanic?
Winry Rockbell
Von Hohenheim's Philosopher's Stone is comprised of 536,329 human souls from what ancient country?
Who is the first Homunculus that Father created?
What is the human name that Pride goes by?
Selim Bradley
Who is known as the "The Ultimate Spear"?
Who uses special gloves to perform the rare flame alchemy?
Colonel Roy Mustang
Who killed Winry Rockbell's parents in Ishval?
What name or title was Van Hohenheim originally known by?
Slave Number Twenty Three
Who was Roy Mustang attempting to avenge when he tried to kill Envy by incinerating him repeatedly?
Maes Hughes
Who is the quarter Ishvalan officer that works under General Armstrong at Fort Briggs?
Major Miles
Who is the Xingese prince who comes to Amestris to search for a philosopher's stone?
Ling Yao
In Xerxes' art, what object is the lion swallowing, symbolizing that one has power greater than god?
The Sun
What is the name of the killer whose soul was seperated from his body, and then bound to a suit of armor?
Barry the Chopper
What is Kimblee's State Alchemist name?
The Crimson Alchemist
What does Edward trade in order to get Alphonse's body back from "The Truth"?
His Own Gate
What does Edward carve into the inside of his pocket watch?
Don't Forget 3.Oct.11
Who is the scientist that created a philosopher's stone during the Ishvalan war, but later travels with the Ishvalan named Scar?
Dr. Tim Marcoh
What is the Xingese version of Alchemy?
Who is the most rebellious of the Homunculi?
What is the symbol of the Homunculi called?
Who is Mustang's love interest, and also happens to be the sharp shooter on his team?
Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye
What is the name of the panda that people mistake as a "strange black and white cat"?
Who is the occassional cross-dressing general that becomes Fürher after King Bradley is killed?
General Grumman
What animal does Hiromu Arakawa personify herself as in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga?
A Cow
Level 29
Jul 25, 2014
2 things need changing! 1: It's Olivier Mira Armstrong not Olivia. and 2: Rath instead of wrath
Level 52
Nov 12, 2015
Too hard for the ones like me used to answer only the surname in other quizzes on Jetpunk...

Had to try several times, even knowing all the answers, too little time for too much typing...

Level 59
Oct 30, 2016
You could adjust type-ins for the names. Edward and Al are more than recognisable from just their first names and the rest should only require the last name. Also, could you possibly accept 'transmutation circle' as an alternative to 'matrix'? Other than that, very good and in-depth FMAB-quiz.
Level 16
Sep 23, 2020
can't only the first name be allowed too?