DragonBall Z General Quiz (Intermediate)

A General Dragon Ball Z Quiz for frequenting fans!! A little harder than the (Easy) one.
Quiz by KetchupRevenge
Last updated: November 2, 2012
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First submittedNovember 2, 2012
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Before he reached Super Saiyan, what technique does Goku use to increase his power in short bursts?
Kaio Ken
A Saiyan's physical weakness is their _____
Who is the second character to appear as a Super Saiyan in the series?
What is the name of the fusion between Goten and Trunks?
Who is Goku's opponent in the final round of the second world tournament he fights in?
What is Mr. Satan's name in the Funimation edited English Dub?
Namekians can regrow bodyparts as long as their what isn't damaged?
Which incarnation of Majin Boo does Mr. Satan befriend?
Fat Boo/Mr.Boo
In Dragon Ball GT, what is the name of Goku's distant descendant?
Goku Jr.
In the movies, who is considered the Legendary Super Saiyan?
How many different forms does Freeza have?
Who was the first character to appear as a Super Saiyan 2?
Son Gohan
Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan when _____ is killed by Freeza.
Who is Goku's biological father?
What technique does Vegeta use to destroy Android 19?
Super Vegeta's Big Bang Attack
Level 60
Nov 10, 2012
Just so you know, it's actually Majin Buu with two u's, not o's. But keep excepting o's in case somebody spells it that way, which I have seen. Great Quiz!
Level 7
Nov 10, 2012
Actually the O's is the way it's spelled in the Viz Manga series. I try to use the manga names because of the different ways of spelling it for all the different English Dubs (Example, Goku's name actually has four different spellings: Goku, Gokou, Gokuh, and Zero if you want to consider the old Harmony Gold Dub). But I try to make it so it allows all of them type-ins.
Level 60
Apr 27, 2015
Sorry, homie I was just being a know-it-all because it was 2012 and I was 13 haha....I understand now that that is an alternate spelling....no prob.
Level 70
Apr 25, 2014
Hahaha Gotenks, really? I spent ages trying to remember the actual name of the dance, heh. Nice quiz.
Level 5
Apr 29, 2014


Namek's Head*

Level 38
Jan 4, 2019
Tien should be accepted aswell because that's what everyone calls him
Level 95
Apr 8, 2019
Not sure why everyone gets this wrong (I don't think I've ever seen it right). Frieza has 5 (or 6 if you count DB Super) transformations:

1) How you first see him, with his purple armor. 2) slightly larger, no more armor (I'm sure this is the one most forget, but he does call it a transformation, Vegeta even comments on this) 3) much larger, horns grow 4) grotesque form, long head, larger still 5) Final form, white and smaller again

Level 35
Jan 4, 2023
the tien answer is in the original dragon ball and not z