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DescriptionAlter-EgoAnswer% Correct
After witnessing the murder of his parents in an alley, he becomes Gotham City's feared vigilante by nightBruce WayneBatman
Known as The Man of Steel, he is sent to Earth from his planet Krypton, winding up in Smallville and later MetropolisClark KentSuperman
Fastest man alive, protects Central City and Keystone CityBarry AllenThe Flash
Ruler of the seas, king of Atlantis, able to communicate with marine animalsArthur CurryAquaman
Batman's teenage vigilante sidekick and crimefighting partnerTim DrakeRobin
Amazon warrior princess, daughter of Hippolyta, and raised on the island of ThemysciraDiana PrinceWonder Woman
Vigilante superhero of Star City, known for his mastery at archery and martial artsOliver QueenGreen Arrow
Clark Kent's cousin; also sent to Earth from Krypton, developing the same powersKara Zor-ElSupergirl
Half man and half machine; original body was destroyed in an accident, but was saved through experimental prosthetic technology at STAR LabsVictor StoneCyborg
With the help of a magic power ring, he can create energy "constructs" using willpowerHal JordanGreen Lantern
Graduated from the position of Batman's sidekick to being a vigilante himself, Escrima Sticks being his weapon of choiceDick GraysonNightwing
Wields the Living Lightning, which was bestowed upon him by an ancient wizardBilly BatsonShazam
Another one of Batman's sidekicks; paralyzed by the Joker, but continued to fight crime by becoming a super-hackerBarbara GordonBatgirl or Oracle
Winged vigilante who fights crime with a harness made of Nth metal; she also wields a maceShiera Sanders HallHawkgirl
Partner of above, who has the same winged costume, and also has a similar harness and maceCarter HallHawkman
Vigilante known for her sonic scream attack; great fighter, often seen on a motorcycleDinah LanceBlack Canary
Extraterrestrial whose family was killed in a holocaust; later came to Earth where he is able to blend in with humanity by shape-shiftingJohn JonesMartian Manhunter
Can shrink down to subatomic levels while maintaining regular massRay PalmerAtom
Empath who can teleport and control her "soul-self" with her dark magic; she is the daughter of a demon father and a human motherRachel RothRaven
Nuclear-powered with the ability to transmute elements; he is a composite of multiple people combinedRonnie Raymond/Martin SteinFirestorm
Both a stage magician and an actual magician like her father; her spell-casting usually involves her incantations spelled backwards_______ ZataraZatanna
Uses a scarab to form an exoskeleton that he uses to fight crimeJaime ReyesBlue Beetle
Metahuman with vibrational abilities, such as sonic vibration manipulation and emition of powerful shock wavesCisco RamonVibe
Antihero who is an occult detective and professional sorcerer from Liverpool; known for his cynicism, snarkiness, and smoking habitN/AJohn Constantine
Agent of the Lords of Order in the battle against chaos, using a powerful amulet, cloak, and helmetKent NelsonDr. Fate
Amphibian queen of Atlantis with powers of hydrokinesisN/AMera
Devout Catholic Italian-American vigilante, orphaned daughter of a murdered mafia family, taken in by BatmanHelena BertinelliHuntress
Born in Zambesi; uses her Tantu Totem to channel the powers of the animal kingdomMari Jiwe McCabeVixen
Time-traveller born in 25th century who uses high-tech equipment to fight crimeMichael Jon CarterBooster Gold
Adolescent who develops advanced powers of electromagnetism from "The Big Bang" (no not that one), transports on a saucerVirgil Ovid HawkinsStatic

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