Edexcel History 5. The Unification of Germany II

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Question or Term
That Prussian Minister-President who relaxed the use of censorship, instead publishing government friendly articles to counter critical ones
Otto von Manteuffel
An 1870 event in which Leopold, Prince of Hohenzollern was offered the vacant Spanish Crown by the Spanish Cortes - reluctantly accepted by him and William I under pressure from Otto von Bismarck - leading to a crisis with France after which William I and Leopold withdrew their acceptance
Hohenzollern Candidature Crisis
A state or provincial parliament as in Prussia
A large 1863-64 uprising in Russia aimed at restoring the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ultimately defeated despite French, British, and most importantly Austrian sympathies
January Uprising
The four states aside from Austria that were not members of the North German Confederation, in alphabetical order
Baden, Bavaria, Hesse-Darmstadt, and Württemberg
A siege during the Franco-Prussian War from August to October 1870 after which much of the French army surrendered to German forces
Siege of Metz
That country, the politics of which were dominated by agriculturalist Junkers, and industrialists from the 1840's onwards
A canal linking the North Sea at Tönning and Baltic Sea at Kiel via Schleswig-Holstein, considered economically important to the Prussians
Eider Canal
A secret 1866 alliance in which Italy agreed to support Prussia if Austria declared war on it within three months, in exchange for Prussia making no separate peace until italy conquered Venetia
Prussian-Italian Alliance
An influential (particularly in Prussia) liberal nationalist political association of upper and middle class Germans promoting a kleindeutschland solution under Prussian leadership from 1859 to 1867
Deutscher Nationalverein
Question or Term
An 1863 conference of German rulers convened and led by Austria to re-organise the German Confederation though still under an Austrian presidency, which failed due to a Prussian boycott under Otto von Bismarck's advice
Frankfurt Conference
The economic policy embraced by Prussian Minister-President Otto von Manteuffel, characterised by the reducing of regulations
Free Trade
A siege during the Franco Prussian War from September 1870 to January 1871 after which the French revolutionary government surrendered due to starvation and the defeat of all newly raised provincial armies in the field
Siege of Paris
A large moderate right-wing German party formed in 1867 after splitting from the German Conservative Party which was much more cooperative with Otto von Bismarck
Free Conservative Party
Practical and technical focussed secondary schools in Prussia that proved effective in producing highly skilled and well trained scientists and engineers, aiding industrialisation
The appointed upper house of the German Parliament which could refuse consent to any legislation and - with the consent of William I - dissolve the Reichstag
That principle which came to the fore amongst conservatives and liberals alike after the idealism of 1848-50
That treaty under which Prussia annexed Hanover, Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse-Cassel, Nassau, and Frankfurt
Peace of Prague
The decisive engagement of the Austro-Prussian War in which Prussia defeated Austria causing the latter to sue for peace lest Vienna fall and the empire potentially dissolve
Battle of Könnigrätz
The factor by which steam engines operating in Prussia outnumbered those operating in Austria by 1865
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