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87,2082020-08-27 Biggest Cities in 4 Random Countries on a Map
73,6812020-07-09 Countries of Europe in 1444
68,4022019-05-06 Biggest Cities in the World - 2100
52,0122020-02-13 100 Biggest Cities in Germany on a Map
49,6402019-11-22 Countries in the Byzantine Empire
37,9182019-09-09 Cities in Squares on a Map - Europe
27,8322019-08-21 100 Biggest Cities in Spain on a Map
24,0022022-11-11 Tourist Attraction by Wikipedia Description
23,9622019-06-05 Countries with the Most Cars per Capita
20,0332023-06-18 País Aleatorio a Capital
16,8772020-09-20 Cities in Squares on a Map - North America
16,2142020-05-13 Państwa w Cesarstwie Bizantyjskim
15,2512019-09-07 Las 100 ciudades más grandes de España en un mapa
12,9222020-06-13 Biggest Cities Ever Under Danish Rule
12,3192023-06-18 Capital Aleatorio al País
11,2222020-04-1615 Biggest cities in a random Country on a map - Europe
9,7912019-11-04200 biggest cities in the US on a map
7,4142019-09-07100 Biggest cities in Japan on a map
6,4702020-02-15100 Biggest cities in Mexico on a map
5,5082020-02-13100 Biggest Cities in Denmark on a Map
4,7912023-08-17 Las ciudades más grandes en 4 países aleatorios en un mapa
4,5512020-11-28Denmark.... or Norway
4,1932020-07-11 Największe miasta na świecie w 2100 roku
3,6632021-02-23Every City in Oregon on a map
3,2642019-07-12Sequential European Rivers and Cities
3,1492019-11-23 Los países del imperio bizantino
2,6302019-06-2250 Biggest cities in Africa on a Map
2,4562019-11-18Islands of Greece Map Quiz
1,9262019-09-22 Ciudades en Cuadrados en un mapa - Europa
1,8732020-06-20Random Asian City Map Quiz - Hard
1,8272019-12-01Biggest Cities in Nigeria on a map
1,7852019-11-16Biggest cities in Greece on a map
1,6952020-06-13Biggest cities by the English Channel on a map
1,5902019-06-18 Las ciudades más pobladas del mundo - 2100
1,5852019-12-22Cities in Squares on a Map - United States
1,5302019-10-22Sequential US Rivers and Cities
1,1702020-05-11Lande I Europa Quiz
1,1462020-04-2315 Biggest cities in a random Country on a map - Americas
1,1332020-08-15Biggest Cities in Vietnam on a map
1,0842019-10-24Sequential Cities in the Nile River Basin
1,0512023-06-20Biggest cities in the Nordic countries - EXTREME
1,0362020-04-21Biggest cities in The US Midwest - with map
9592019-08-25Random City to Country
9492019-07-11Biggest cities in 6 countries on a map
9262020-05-12De 100 største byer I Danmark på et kort Quiz
8922020-05-12USA's Stater Quiz
7812020-05-24Shinkansen Stations on a Map
7332019-12-02Sequential US State Shapes
5522019-07-13Biggest cities in 6 countries on a map - #2
5392020-06-15All 500K Cities in Asia With a map with exceptions
4972019-06-23Biggest cities in Southern Europe (With map)
4352019-10-09Top 50 Countries by Population in 2100 - In Order
3852020-07-13Every city in the Copenhagen Metro Area with map
3262019-06-01The Poorest countries since 1960 by GDP Per Capita
3162019-03-02Biggest cities in Eastern Africa (with map)
3122019-05-07Features of the UK on a map
3032019-08-10Every 10K City in Canada on a map
2982019-09-08Las 100 ciudades más grandes de Japón en un mapa
2772020-05-12Kort over Afrika Quiz
2672020-07-29Modern day Biggest cities of the Almohad Caliphate - map
2602020-10-16Biggest cities by the Adriatic Sea - map
2542020-10-14All Intercontinental Routes from a Copenhagen Airport - map
2452020-10-16Biggest Coastal cities of The Mediterranean
2132020-05-12Største lande I verden efter areal Quiz
2062019-11-14U.S. States or European Countries by coldest capitals
1992019-05-09Features of France on a map
1982020-05-18Europæiske Hovedstader Quiz
1942019-06-081M Countries that have never had freezing temperatures
1942020-05-12Klubber I Superligaen 2020 Quiz
1942019-06-10Biggest islands in Asia with a Map
1932019-02-15Biggest Japanese cities by decade
1922019-11-20Cities in the world before 1 AD - with map
1772019-05-10Biggest cities with 4 letters
1762019-03-15Countries with a Population Bigger than 100 mil in 2100
1732019-02-16Largest cities in Canada by decade
1722019-03-04Biggest cities in West Africa (With map)
1702019-08-27Biggest Cities in The Ruhr
1702019-04-26Features of Japan on a map
1682019-12-18Sequential Drive-Through Cities
1662019-09-1520 Hottest Major Cities in Europe
1642019-05-13Biggest islands in the Mediterranean
1632020-05-12Mest befolkede lande i verden Quiz
1612019-07-07Biggest cities starting with A and C on a map
1572019-03-02Random Geography
1542019-02-26Cities with the most skyscrapers in the western hemisphere
1532020-07-01Every city in Vietnam (with map)
1502020-05-13Kort over Mellemøsten quiz
1482019-03-31Cities ending on "Burg"
1482019-05-13Most common mammals
1432020-10-02Richest European countries
1422019-04-24Biggest cities South of Equator
1422020-07-05Biggest cities next to the Baltic Sea
1402020-05-15Største Byer i Verden Quiz
1392019-02-17Biggest countries by century
1302019-08-04Richest countries in tropical climate zone
1292019-07-08Biggest cities close to equator on a map
1262020-05-17The most active members on the Jetpunk Discord
1232019-03-23Countries in the Mongol Empire
1182019-02-23US States with the highest average elevation
1172019-02-15Biggest coastal cities of the Pacific Ocean
1142019-04-26Features of Mexico on a map
1142019-02-12Biggest Islands in the Atlantic Ocean
1122019-02-13Countries closest to Malta
1042019-09-21Random Airline to Country
1042019-02-12Biggest islands in the Indian Ocean
992019-08-06Biggest cities a random place on the map
982019-04-03Biggest cities in Denmark (50k)
972019-02-14Countries closest to Mexico
972019-02-16Countries in the trillion dollar club
962020-02-04Cities Made Famous by the News
952019-02-28Big European cities by rivers
932019-02-16Biggest cities with 5 letters
902019-08-05Random East Asian Cities on a Map
892019-04-02Biggest cities without an "A"
832019-08-0420 Most mentioned countries on Jetpunk Discord
832019-02-14Countries closest to Central Singapore
812019-02-14Richest african Countries
802019-02-14Richest Countries in Asia
802019-05-07Biggest Cities in a Square #2
772020-10-02Countries that Beat Denmark
772019-02-14Richest South American countries
712019-04-02Closest Country to City
632020-06-27Minnesota Vikings Roster - 2020
632020-06-18Countries with the Most Tourists Per Capita with exceptions
622019-02-16Biggest cities with +11 letters
622019-02-23Most mountainous countries by letters
612019-02-16Biggest cities with 6 letters
592019-03-28Hottest countries on every latitude
592019-04-03Number 1 by Region
582020-05-04Random Cities Near Málaga on a Map
542019-02-14Biggest cities in East Asia by three biggest cities
542020-02-04Cities Made Famous by the News #2
502019-02-16Biggest cities with 8 letters
492019-02-13Random Country Geography
492019-06-23Most viewed Musicians on Youtube including features
482019-04-03Number 1 by Region #2
472019-02-16Biggest cities with 7 letters
472019-03-13Biggest Cities in a Square #1
472019-02-16Biggest cities with 10 letters
462019-02-14Hottest major cities in North America
442019-08-22Southernmost Major Cities in Asia
432019-02-13Biggest Islands in the Pacific Ocean
422019-02-14Richest North American countries
392019-02-14Southeast Asian Location to pictures
372019-02-27Random City to Country - by letter A to C
372019-02-13Random city Geography
372019-04-03Number 1 by Region #3
362019-02-16biggest cities with 9 letters
282019-04-03Number 2 by Region #2
252019-04-04Number 2 by Region
222019-04-03Number 2 by Region #3