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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Troublesomebirdsong.
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Times taken 29,255
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6,9702021-06-30A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) characters *BOOK SPOILERS*
3,3712023-10-22RWBY Ultimate character quiz
3,0712023-10-13'Archer' Ultimate Trivia Quiz Seasons 1 - 14
2,3552021-12-30Shakespeare Characters from 'Romeo and Juliet'
1,5572019-07-22Novels from Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series
1,3732022-08-29Tarot Cards
1,2982020-02-01Life Is Strange Characters + Before the Storm
1,1202019-04-22Characters from TV Series 'Dexter'
9162020-08-03Shakespeare Characters from 'Hamlet'
7922013-05-21Shakespeare Characters from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
7762018-09-08Alice in Wonderland Characters
5832018-09-08Shakespeare Characters from 'King Lear'
5792022-07-31Cuphead Video Game + DLC Quiz
4872019-07-13Red vs. Blue quiz
4752015-11-14Until Dawn Characters
4312020-06-20Life Is Strange 2 Characters
3812019-07-20Detroit: Become Human Characters
3572018-09-08Shakespeare Characters from 'The Tempest'
3312013-05-21Shakespeare Characters from 'Much Ado About Nothing'
3012017-06-21'Wesen' from NBC's TV show 'Grimm'
2902022-09-15Characters from 'The Bill' (All Officers and Staff)
2662018-09-08Plays by Samuel Beckett
2402013-01-11Books from the Wheel of Time Series
1282019-01-03Sean Bean Death Quiz
1182021-10-24Shakespeare Characters from 'The Taming of the Shrew'
1142020-05-04Westworld Characters
962019-07-13'Telltale Games' - Game of Thrones Characters
962019-06-02Ultimate Country Flag Challenge 1
702019-06-27Ultimate Country Flag Challenge 2
652013-11-20Books from Raymond E Feist's 'The Riftwar Cycle'
512019-06-27Ultimate Country Flag Challenge 4
452019-06-03Ultimate Country Flag Challenge 3
452019-06-30Ultimate Country Flag Challenge 7
372019-06-03Ultimate Country Flag Challenge 5
342019-06-03Ultimate Country Flag Challenge 6
252020-08-07The Last of Us Part II character quiz
112018-09-08Main Characters from the Goon Show