'Archer' Ultimate Trivia Quiz Seasons 1 - 14

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Contains spoilers for Season 1 - 14
Quiz by Troublesomebirdsong
Last updated: October 13, 2023
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Season 1
What is Sterling Archer's codename?
Pam Poovey is the director of which department at ISIS?
Human Resources
Cheryl is supposedly 1/64th what?
Who is the head of ODIN and possibly Archer's father?
Len Trexler
Ramon Limon, the gay Cuban agent in the episode 'Honeypot' is voiced by Ron who?
What body part does Agent Conway Stern lose at the end of 'Diversity Hire'?
His hand
What is the name of the luxury airship that ISIS is hired to protect?
What was the name of Barry Dylan's ex-fiancée and a former employee at ODIN?
Which couple did the KGB hire to implant a mind control chip into Archer's brain?
Mannfred and Uta
What system of hand-to-hand combat developed in Israel are ISIS agents trained in?
Krav Maga
What is Krieger's first name?
Doctor Algernop
The show's supposed 'unaired pilot episode' features Archer being replaced by what?
A velociraptor
What is the name of Nikolai Jakov's assistant?
What did the locals call human flesh, which Woodhouse sampled, but never developed a taste for, while serving with The King's African Rifles in Zambezi?
Long pig
Season 2
In which skiing competition did Ray Gillette win bronze at the Olympics?
Giant slalom
Which character is revealed to be the heir to a billion dollar empire?
Cheryl Tunt
What type of cancer does Archer discover he has?
Breast cancer
The episode 'Jeu Monégasque' features which race?
The Monaco Grand Prix
What is Babou?
Cheryl's pet ocelot
What is George Spelvin's little green pirate?
A computer virus
What is the surname of Seamus' mother, Trinette?
What middle name did Woodhouse request that Malory give to Sterling when he was born?
What did Lana threaten to throw at Malory the first time they met?
Red paint
Which character dies in an explosion in 'Crossing Over'?
Major Nikolai Jakov
Katya Kazanova is very loosely based on the love interest from which James Bond film?
From Russia with Love
Archer's counterfeit chemotherapy drugs turn out to be made of mainly sucrose and what?
What does the KGB turn ODIN Agent Barry Dylan into?
Season 3
Patrick Warburton provides the voice of which former ISIS agent in Season 3?
Rip Riley
Who spends a lot of Season 3 in a wheelchair?
Ray Gillette
The actors who voice Malory Archer, Len Trexler, Cheryl Tunt and Noah the Anthropologist have also appeared in which comedy TV series?
Arrested Development
Who is 'El Contador'?
Cyril Figgis
Which actor starts dating Malory in Season 3?
Burt Reynolds
What does Pam Poovey's drift car racer name, "Shiro Kabocha", actually mean?
White Pumpkin
In which state was Ray Gillette born and raised?
West Virginia
What is "Glengoolie Blue"?
A type of Scotch
Archer agrees to help Ray's redneck brother Randy in the episode 'Bloody Ferlin', because of the situation's similarities to the plot of which film?
White Lightning
Where does an extract from Lord Byron's poem "The Destruction of Sennacherib" appear?
Tattooed on Pam's back
Bryan Cranston, from the TV series 'Breaking Bad', voices Commander who?
Tony Drake
When Cyril kills Commander Kellogg (a black astronaut), Archer says it was like killing what?
A unicorn
Season 4
The episode 'Fugue and Riffs' features crossover references to which other animated series?
Bob's Burgers
Who voices Archer's former best friend Lucas Troy?
Timothy Olyphant
What is the name of ISIS's new requisitions officer?
Rodney Whosits
Cheryl says her ultimate aphrodisiac would be to make love on top of what?
A tranquilized tiger
Which English actor voiced by Peter Serafinowicz is Archer's spirit guide in 'Once Bitten'?
James Mason
Who eats the North Koreans in 'The Honeymooners'?
Pigley III
What is the name of the restaurant in 'Live and Let Dine'?
"Fisherman's Wife I and II" are examples of what sort of film?
Tentacle porn
What does Pam misplace inside Ray's body while Krieger is giving him bionic legs?
Red Beer cans
What does Archer force Woodhouse to eat as a punishment in 'Midnight Ron'?
A bowl of spiderwebs
In Archer's memory of his sixth birthday, what present does his real father give him?
A stuffed toy alligator
Which character dies after Malory slaps him?
What kind of dog is Kazak?
English Mastiff
What is the name of Pam's Siamese fighting fish?
Woodhouse turns out to be a doppelganger for whom?
The Pope
What is the name of Cecil Tunt's girlfriend voiced by Kristen Schaal?
In 'Sea Tunt II', what is Captain Murphy crushed to death by?
A vending machine
Season 5 (Vice)
In 'White Elephant', ISIS employee Brett gets accidentally 'what' for the final time?
What is Cheryl's stage name?
Pam manages to lose a considerable amount of weight thanks to what?
Cocaine addiction
Who does Archer kiss while they're dying in 'A Kiss While Dying'?
Ramon Limon
Who gets shot in the stomach by the Yakuza?
Ron Cadillac
What is Pam's trucker CB handle in 'Southbound and Down'?
Who sings a duet with Cheryl at Lana's baby shower?
Kenny Loggins
What's the name of the Cali Cartel dealer who's an undercover agent for the Colombian police?
La Madrina
Cyril becomes the president of which fictional country?
San Marcos
Juliana, the President's wife, tricks Archer into having sex by pretending to be what?
The maid
Krieger's clones are a reference to 'The Boys From Brazil', a film about clones of whom?
Adolf Hitler
Who is mauled to death by a tiger?
Gustavo Calderon
Who does Malory give a $40 million painting to in the finale?
Agent Holly
Season 6
What is the photocopier/robot/toaster called?
What does Conway Stern say his real name is?
Conway Stern
In 'The Archer Sanction', what is 'Die Totenspitz'?
A mountain
Voiced by Allison Tolman (from the TV series 'Fargo'), what is Pam's sister's name?
The episode 'Vision Quest' is set almost entirely inside of what?
An elevator
Supposed Pakistani cyberspy, Farooq Ashkani, is actually a what?
Improv actor
Who reveals to Pam and Krieger the key to understanding the entire universe?
Who are Lemuel and Claudette?
Lana's parents
Ray loses his right hand fighting what in the conservatory of Tunt Manor?
A Venus fly trap
In 'Reignition Sequence', what does Lana find in Archer's sink?
Katya's robo-vagina
What does the episode title 'Achub Y Morfilod' mean in Welsh?
Save the Whales
Thanks to Krieger, the Nerius is accidentally injected into Dr Zoltan Kovacs' what?
Who appears in a unitard with the human body sketched on it?
TV's Michael Gray
Season 7
The trailer for season 7 is a shot-for-shot homage to which TV show's opening credits?
Magnum P.I.
The shot of Archer's body floating face down in a swimming pool is a reference to which 1950 film?
Sunset Boulevard
What is the name of the lawyer voiced by Patton Oswalt?
Alan Shapiro
What is The Figgis Agency's unofficial mascot called?
Furlock Bones
What is written on the label of the computer disk with supposed blackmail material on it?
Archer's high school bully, Richard Stratton the Fourth, was better known as what?
Now just a skinless endoskeleton, Barry Dylan hires The Figgis Agency to find what?
His birth mother
What is the alias used by the leader of the clowns in 'Bel Panto'?
Mr. Rompers
And what is the name of the priceless necklace they are looking for?
The Tsarina
In 'Double Indecency', Archer drinks a whole bottle of what, thinking it is Blue Curaçao?
What technique does Slater perform on Archer in 'Liquid Lunch'?
Who murdered Ellis Crane?
Veronica Deane
What is the name of the 'Krieger bot' that Malory shoots when it malfunctions?
Season 8 (Dreamland)
Because he's in a coma dream, Archer is not present at Woodhouse's what?
What is the name of Mother's non-verbal bodyguard/golem?
What does Archer name Charlotte Vandertunt's dead maid?
What fake name does Ray give when he gets arrested and fingerprinted?
Phil McCracken
What does Cecil require as proof of his sister's kidnapping?
Her severed finger
What does Cyril set fire to at the morgue?
His pubic hair
Lana is secretly an undercover what?
Treasury agent
Which episode is named after a phase of the moon?
Waxing Gibbous
By what nickname is Barry referred to in this season?
Dutch Dylan
And what is his weapon of choice in the seventh episode?
A halberd
What breed are Krieger's cyborg attack dogs?
Doberman Pinscher
Archer leaves a rock and what else on his partner's gravestone?
Season 9 (Danger Island)
Which character is voiced by Lucky Yates this season?
Crackers the Parrot
What is the name of Charlotte Stratton's new husband?
Whitney Stratton IV
What is the name of Archer's plane?
Loose Goose
Pam and Archer once tried to sell enchiladas made out of which rodent?
Ziegler's german nickname for Archer, 'Der Umgekehrter Ass', means what?
The Reverse Ace
What type of monkeys are Pam and Archer harrassed by, despite not being native to the island?
Howler monkeys
Which Season 3 character re-appears living amongst the cannibal natives?
Noah the Anthropologist
Deified by the natives, what is Charlotte served to eat in lieu of oysters?
Nazi testicles
What is the sacred idol made out of?
Which book, published in 1937, do the characters reference in the finale?
The Hobbit
Season 10 (1999)
What is the name of the off-brand cereal Bort eats in the first episode?
What is the robotic torture bird that Malory possesses called?
What does Archer name Pam's egg-laying sandwich filling?
Who is the only crew member that doesn't end up inside the belly of a giant space nautilus?
The sentient doomsday device known as Mr. Deadly is voiced by British actor, Matt who?
What is Ray's occupation on the ship?
Apart from being uncharacteristically nice, how else did Sterling's clone differ from the original?
He was bald
What is the name of the species of blue space ocelot rescued from the pirate ship?
The end of the episode, 'Cubert', sees the return of which dead character as a hallucination?
How long has Archer been in a coma?
Three Years
Season 11
Who voices Belgian art thief, The Peregrine?
Jamie Lee Curtis
Which Daniel Day-Lewis film does Pam reference when Conway is incapacitated by fallen glass?
My Left Foot
Which rival spy agency also tried to steal Hands' Exosuit?
Who sang to Archer at his bedside while he was in a coma?
Barry Dylan
Simon Pegg is the voice actor for Archer's new what?
What is the name of the restaurant in 'The Double Date'?
Lana's new husband, Robert, has already gone through three ex-wives and how many dead dogs?
While boarding the plane in 'Caught Napping', Archer drunkenly questions the lyrics to which song?
American Pie
A.J. is held captive at which winter horse-racing event exclusively for rich people?
White Turf
What is the name of Rex's baby penguin?
Maddox stashed the recovered hydrogen bomb in a hidden basement under whose hut?
Season 12
Who is the Head of the I.I.A.?
Fabian Kingsworth
What does Archer christen the helicopter he steals in the first episode?
Dr Whirlington Spinblade
What is the name of the Goldhawk flight attendant Archer seduces?
What does Malory wear to entice Cornelius Varma?
A Catsuit
Who does Archer try to teach the sign language gesture for "phrasing"?
Poko the gorilla
Which self-aware AI system built by Krieger is disabled by Cheryl's intern?
What is the name of Pam's friend, the bouncer at the 'sock factory' warehouse party?
During his first mission, who was Archer's mentor that was killed by assassin, 'The Dingo'?
The I.I.A. elite kill squad all wear matching what?
Diamond Rings
What is Colt's van called?
Jethro Krull
Who is having an affair with Robert?
Season 13
What was the final event of the Clandesticon Agent Skills Competition called?
King of the Train
Ray is bitten by a snake, a spider and what other animal during his first mission as team leader?
A Hippo
Warlord Serpiente's compound is a perfect two-thirds replica of which famous building?
The Taj Mahal
Archer uses a lance to rescue The Broker while riding a police horse named what?
Sergeant Strawberry
What is the swiss mercenary agency that activated Helga called?
The Invisible Hand
What is the first name of Archer's therapist, Dr. Lacania?
Who is Pam's polyamorous primary?
What fake landscaping company does Krieger paint on the side of his van?
Iron Spade'n
Who owns the brothel that Archer visits to get dirt on Robert?
Fabian used The Agency to destablise which fictional South American country?
CIA Agent Slater calls his pâtisserie "The 'what' Institute of the Americas"?
Season 14
How did Zara misspell the word 'Interpol' on the fake invoice hiring the team?
How many times did The Warden shoot Archer at The Vanguard secret headquarters?
Who is Nigerian smuggler Ibadan Peters' child sidekick?
What is the name of Pam's dolphin handpuppet?
What word is embossed on the brass knuckles Archer uses on the latest 'Other Barry' robot?
What alias does Archer use for his marlin fisherman disguise in Ibiza?
What does Archer name the sloth that attacks him while he's chasing El Cambiente?
In which US state was Frank Sinatra born?
New Jersey
Who was Fabian's former 'Number 2' at I.I.A.?
What did Zara suggest that Archer do to Fabian with his own severed hand?
Shoot the bird
Level 35
Jan 31, 2013
Great quiz!! One thing though, Lana doesn't actually throw the paint on Malory. She stops as Malory pulls a gun a her.
Level 19
Jan 4, 2014
The Arrested Development bit is a fun bit of trivia, but it doesn't really have anything to do with Archer and I don't think it really belongs in this quiz.
Level 71
Nov 18, 2015
I liked it! I noticed a bunch of the voices were people from arrested development when I started watching. So I was glad to see it as a question.
Level 28
Mar 30, 2016
You allow for only first names to be used to get a correct answer with some and not with others. Can you change that? I've seen the series through at least 10 times and I still can't spell their damn names :p
Level 67
Apr 26, 2017
Really? Red Beer Cans? I'm all about specificity, but come one.
Level 41
Apr 27, 2017
'Red Beer' is a brand created by the show that's referenced in several episodes, but you don't have to be that specific, the quiz accepts just 'beer cans' as an answer. - http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Beer
Level 36
Sep 15, 2023
I think you should accept 'whisky' for Glengoolie Blue. And I think 'worm' or 'computer worm' for Spelvin's pirate.