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A lonely speaker in a conversation. Her words are swimming through his ears again.There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for...The Ballad of Mona Lisa
There are no raindrops on roses and girl's in white dresses, it's sleeping with roaches...Build God, Then We'll Talk
Can't take the kid from the fight, Take the fight from the kid. Sit back, relax.Camisado
I led the revolution in my bedroom. And I set all the zippers free. We said no more war, no more clothes. Give me peace...Hurricane
when the moon found the sun. He looked like he was barely hanging on. But her eyes saved his life. In the middle of summer.When The Day Met The Night
Here I am composing of burlesque. Out of where they rest their necks. Sunken in their splintered cradles.Nearly Witches
If I ever leave, I could learn to miss you. But sentimental boy is my nom de plume.Trade Mistakes
She didn't choose this role. But she'll play it and make it sincere. So you cry.Time To Dance
So shoot a star on the boulevard tonight. I think I'll figure it out with a little more time. But who needs time?Turn Off The Lights
Lately it seems like, everybody's sick, everybody's died. Build myself a wall up on happy highs. Know in my heart that my head is lying.Oh Glory

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