Battles in the U.S. Civil War

Name the battles described in the clue.
Some battles are known by more than one name. Either should be acceptable
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April 2, 1861: the opening shots of the war
Attack on Fort Sumter
July 21, 1861: Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson acquires his nickname
First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)
February 11-16, 1862: Ulysses Grant captures a second Confederate fort overlooking the Tennessee River and acquires the nickname "Unconditional Surrender"
Capture of Fort Donelson
March 9, 1862: the Monitor and the Merrimack do battle
Battle of Hampton Roads
April 6-7, 1862: when the press blamed Grant for the Union victory, Abraham Lincoln said "I can't spare this man; he fights."
Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing)
September 17, 1862: George McClellan defeats Robert E. Lee in the bloodiest single day of the war, giving Lincoln the opportunity to announce the Emancipation Proclamation
Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg)
December 13, 1862: Lee routs Ambrose Burnside, inflicting twice as many casualties on the Union forces as his troops suffered, leading Lincoln to say "If there is a worse place than hell, I am in it."
Battle of Fredericksburg
April 30 – May 6, 1863: the Confederates win the battle but lose Stonewall Jackson
Battle of Chancellorsville
July 1-3, 1863: Lee gambles and loses in the turning point of the war
Battle of Gettysburg
July 4, 1863: Grant takes the last major Confederate fort on the Mississippi, which Lincoln celebrated by announcing that "The Father of Waters again goes unvexed to the sea."
Siege of Vicksburg
July 18, 1863: not the first battle in which African-American Union soldiers played a major role, but the most famous one
Attack on Fort Wagner
September 19, 1863: Confederate troops defeat Gen. William Rosecrans in the second-bloodiest battle of the war
Battle of Chickamauga
November 25, 1863: in an attack made by mistake, Union troops under Gen. George Thomas succeed in driving Gen. Braxton Bragg's Confederate armies out of Tennessee
Assault on Missionary Ridge
May 31 - June 12, 1864: Lee's final victory over Grant in direct combat
Battle of Cold Harbor
August 2–23, 1864: "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."
Battle of Mobile Bay
April 2, 1865: Grant finally prevails over Lee in his siege of Richmond
Third Battle of Petersburg
April 9, 1865: Grant defeats Lee, who surrenders
Battle of Appomattox Court House
Level 84
May 7, 2013
Only got the really famous ones. Feel dumb for missing Vicksburg and especially Fort Sumter. duh. But I got Cold Harbor and Appomattox which relatively few people got (shockingly, how could you know Fredericksburg and miss Appomattox?). I grew up right next to Bull Run. Used to go sledding on that same hill when there was snow. btw, I responded to your comments on my Tricky Analogies quiz, and if you want me to reveal any of the others ask. I think you did better than anyone else who took the quiz so far but only 2 or 3 people have taken it.
Level 69
Sep 25, 2013
I got them all, some were pretty hard though. I think that "Chattanooga" should also be accepted for "Assault on Missionary Ridge".
Level 23
Jun 23, 2014
Fort Sumter was April 12, 1861.
Level 55
Feb 21, 2019
The press didn't blame Grant for winning the Battle of Shiloh. They blamed him (with some justice) for allowing himself to be surprised and nearly losing the battle before turning things around.
Level 24
Oct 8, 2022
You should add the Battle Of Pea Ridge, Arkansas because it was the most significant battle west of the Mississippi River.