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1,8592019-02-23Old flags of countries
2792018-12-25Geography of A to Z
1532018-12-27Largest city in these regions of the world
1072018-12-16Do you recognize this map?
1062018-11-16List of international organizations (with map)
1062018-12-02Which country are these politicians from?
732019-09-01Where are these cities from?
622018-09-19As 15 maiores cidades da Rússia
612018-11-18Names of the countries of the world in russian language
612018-12-28Countries whose names end in '' ia ''
582018-12-20What is the city of this football club?
522019-01-02All the cities venues of the World Cup FIFA (since 1930)
472019-08-31Best non-UEFA and non-CONMEBOL participation in World Cup
422018-11-19Country of origin of these companies
402018-11-17Countries with more than one capital
392020-01-20Find out which are the 3 football clubs
342018-12-24Most champion of each football competition(league)
302018-12-18Largest city in each country with initial '' S ''
292018-12-19Do you recognize this city ?
292018-12-23Capital city of national administrative division
262019-09-01Find out which city these football clubs are from!
262018-12-07What are the biggest rivals of these football clubs?
252018-11-16Air Forces emblems in world
232018-12-11Musical group by country
232019-01-09Presidents and/or Prime Ministers elected in 2011 until 2018
212018-11-14Flags of cities around the world!
202018-11-12Flags of Statoids !
192019-01-07What sport do these Russian athletes practice?
182019-09-09Best campaign outside of the(Big 6 Premier League teams) sin
142018-12-28All clubs that would compete for the 2001 Club World Cup
102018-12-28Members of the Association of the Alpine States
62019-08-31Which national administrative division is this football club