try and guess all the idioms
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Last updated: November 30, 2012
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____ in the clouds
head in the clouds
head in the _____
____ got your tongue
cats got your tongue
____ until the cows come home
talk until the cows come home
____ the script
flip the script
talk about the_____ in the room
once in a blue _____
once in a blue moon
caught red ____
caught red handed
going ______
going bananas
out of the _____ ______ and into the fire
out of the frying pan and into the fire
don't cry over ______ _____
don't cry over spilt milk
don't make a mountain out of a _____
don't make a mountain out of a molehill
don't toot your own ____
don't toot your own horn
____ a cold
catch a cold
_____ for gold
digging for gold
between a ___ and a hard place
____ in the sky
pie in the sky
____ in your pants
ants in your pants
seeing ____ to _____ (same word)
seeing eye to eye
all bark and no ____
all bark and no bite
barking up the wrong ___
barking up the wrong tree
beat a ____ horse
off the beaten ____
off the beaten track
wild _____ chase
wild goose chase
pass with _____ colours
pass with flying colours
turn over a new ____
turn over a new leaf
through gritted ____
down the _____ hole
any way, shape, or ____
any way, shape, or form
back to the drawing _____
back to the drawing board
close but no ____
close but no cigar
from rags to _____
from rags to riches
get down to _____ tacks (some may think ___ "tax")
get down to brass tacks
last, but not ____
last, but not least
saved by the ____
saved by the bell
beating around the ____
beating around the bush
put your best ____ forward
put your best foot forward
every trick in the _____
every trick in the book
too close for _____
too close for comfort
the straw that broke the ____'s back
the straw that broke the camel's back
take with a grain of ____
take with a grain of salt
the ___ who cried wolf
a diamond in the ____
a diamond in the rough
fly off the ____
fly off the handle
____ one's sorrows
drown one's sorrows
follow to the ends of the ____
follow to the ends of the Earth
____ in sheep's clothing
wolf in sheep's clothing
____ nut to crack
hard nut to crack
no ____ attached
no strings attached
read between the ____
read between the lines
hold your _____
hold your horses
nose to the _____
nose to the grindstone
the ____'s knees
the bee's knee's
can of ____'s
can of worm's
Level 37
Nov 19, 2012
"blame the scapegoat" isnt an idiom. And why doesn't "cat" work in the singular? other than that, good quiz
Level 3
Nov 24, 2012
Thank you for the feedback i fixed the problems.
Level 67
Nov 25, 2012
going could be followed by "postal," "haywire," "nuts," etc. I'd delete it, since there are so many wrong answers. I don't know "flip the script," but I have heard "follow the script."
Level 28
Nov 25, 2012
"____ until the cows come home" is the same way. The blank could be anything that anyone is doing for a long time.
Level 3
Nov 30, 2012
i took off going bananas but i think many people should be able to get "talk until the cows come home". Thank you for the feedback.