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7302021-12-13Formula One teams with 1-2 finishes
3602021-12-13Formula One best countries by season
2052021-12-0725 most populated cities in the Basque Country
1672022-01-04Atlético Madrid squads since 2010
1342022-09-2525 ciudades más pobladas de Galicia
1132022-01-04Real Madrid squads since 2010
1042022-08-29Formula One free practice drivers (2003-)
922022-09-2525 ciudades más pobladas del País Vasco
772021-12-06Best goalkeepers in the top 5 leagues (1990-2021)
762022-01-19Canary Islands facts
662021-10-31Top scorers in the top 5 leagues (1990-2021)
612021-12-0625 ciudades más pobladas de Asturias
552021-12-1225 ciudades más pobladas de Aragón
512018-08-23Countries by a single non-capital city
442021-12-0625 most populated cities in Asturias
402022-09-2525 most populated cities in Galicia
402022-09-23Busiest Airports in the United Kingdom
362018-08-27Countries by a single non-capital city #2
362022-09-2525 ciudades más pobladas de Navarra
352022-09-23Busiest Airports in Germany
332021-12-0625 ciudades más pobladas de Cantabria
232022-09-23Busiest Airports in India
232018-08-2150 most populated cities / municipalities of the Macaronesian Islands
222022-09-24Busiest Airports in Canada
202021-12-1125 ciudades más pobladas de La Rioja
192022-09-24Busiest Airports in France
192022-09-23Busiest Airports in China
152021-12-1225 most populated cities in Navarre
152022-09-23Busiest Airports in Japan
132022-09-24Racing circuit name to country I
112022-09-2525 ciudades más pobladas de Cataluña
112021-12-0725 most populated cities in Cantabria
112021-12-1125 most populated cities in La Rioja
92022-09-2525 ciudades más pobladas de la Comunidad Valenciana
92021-12-1225 most populated cities in Aragon
92022-09-24Racing circuit name to country II
82022-09-24Racing circuit name to country IV
52022-09-24Racing circuit name to country III
42022-09-2525 most populated cities in Catalonia
32022-09-2525 most populated cities in the Valencian Community