Statistics for Famous People from the 12th Century AD

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Sultan of Egypt and Syria, who conquered Jerusalem from the Crusaders and defeated them at the Battle of HattinSaladin
Duchess of Aquitaine, who became Queen of France and Queen of EnglandEleanor of Aquitaine
Italian monk, who founded a monastic order named after him, regarded as the Saint of Italy and AnimalsFrancis of Assisi
HRE Emperor, who campaigned in Italy and drowned during the 3. Crusade. The Nazi Invasion of the USSR was named after himFrederick Barbarossa
Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancelor of England, who was murdered in 1170 and later canonized as a martyrThomas Becket
English King, who participated in the 3. Crusade and campaigned against FranceRichard Lionheart
Pope, who initiated the 4. Crusade as well as the Crusades against Albigensian Crusade against the CatharsInnocent III
HRE Emperor from the Staufen dynasty, who also became King of SicilyHenry VI
King of Jerusalem, who suffered from Leprosy, tried to secure the Kingdom from the Egyptian ThreadBaldwin IV
Abbess, polymath, mystic and oldest known musical composer of EuropeHildegard of Bingen
Sephardic Jewish philosopher, who lived in Spain and North Africa, who greatly influenced Jewish and Islamic Philosophy and ScienceMaimonides
Islamic Andalusian philosopher, also known as "The Commentator" or Ibn Rushd, who interpreted and commentated the works of AristotleAverroes
Leader of the 1. Crusade, who became first King of JerusalemGodfrey of Bouillon
Cistercian abbot, mystic and preacher in favor of the Crusades, helped spread his Monastic OrderBernard of Clairvaux
Khmer Emperor, who build Angkor WatSuryavarman II

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