Statistics for Famous People from the 17th Century AD

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"Sun King" of France, who build Versailles and centralized FranceLouis XIV
Great Italian Scientist, proved the Heliocentric Cosmos, but had to renounce his discoveries on trial of the InquisitionGalileo Galilei
Scientist, who developed the three laws of motion, the theory of gravity, co-inventor of calculusIsaac Newton
Dutch painter, known for "The Night Watch", "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp" or "Belshazzar's Feast"Rembrandt
Lord Protector of Great Britain and Commander of the New Model Army, who commited a genocide in IrelandOliver Cromwell
Philosopher and mathematician, developed the coordinate system, "Cogito ergo sum"René Descartes
Author of "Paradise Lost" and "Areopagitica"John Milton
Cardinal and Chief Minister of France, who supported the Protestants in the 30 Years War, Villain in the "Three Musketeers"Cardinal Richelieu
Astronomer, who discovered the laws of planetary motion, which state that planets orbit the sun on elliptical trajectoriesJohannes Kepler
Swedish king, who personally lead his troops in the 30 Years War and was killed at the Battle of LützenGustavus Adolphus
Composer of the Canon in D, whose chord progression is the basis for many modern pop songsJohann Pachelbel
Philosopher of Enlightment, often considert to be the "Father of Liberalism"John Locke
Scientist, who invented binary numbers, developed a methaphysical system of Monads, co-inventor of calculusGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Generalissimo of the imperial army in the 30 Years War, was murderd on order of the Emperor for disobeying ordersAlbrecht von Wallenstein
King of Poland, who lifted the Siege of ViennaJohn III Sobieski
French general of the Austrian Army in the Great Turkic War and the War of Spanish SuccessionEugene of Savoy
Second Qing Emperor of China, longest reigning emperor of China, who stopped Russian Expansion and caused an age of prosperityKangxi

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