Mauryan Empire Quiz (India Quiz Pt. 1)

Given a phrase, select the correct response regarding the Mauryan Empire.
Shoutout to TOP10BEST who made part 2 of this quiz (British India) and makes other NFL quizzes
I chose an interchange because Mauryan Empire was known for infrastructure (good idea or no?)
Quiz by omygosh
Last updated: May 22, 2019
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1. Years / length of Mauryan empire
439 - 231 BC / 208 years
322 - 185 BC / 137 years
500 - 750 AD / 250 years
1500 - 500 BC / 1000 years
2. First leader
Winston Churchill
Chandragupta Maurya
Mohandes Gandhi
3. What did this leader do that is unique?
Abdicates from throne
Converts to Christianity
Kills Alexander the Great
Becomes Buddhist priest
4. What does he do following this action?
Converts to asceticism, a form of Jainism
Takes over Alexander the Great's kingdom
Meets Jesus and becomes an apostle
Becomes one of the most influential spreaders of Buddhism
5. How does he die?
Dies of being old
Killed by Romans
Killed by Persians
6. Who was the next great leader / relation to Chandragupta Maurya?
Ashoka / grandson
Shah Jahan / nephew
Alexander the Great / cousin
Mohandas Gandhi / great-grandson many many times
7. Turning point for him:
Ending of Warring States - attempts to take over Qin dynasty
Invention of ironworking - can now build his dream palace and dungeon
Kalinga - sees many dead bodies and feels guilty
Death of Chandragupta Maurya - mourns his death and builds Taj Mahal
8. What happens after?
Feels so bad he kills himself after ordering his servants to bury him next to Chandragupta Maurya
Fails to take over Qin and is killed
Converts to Buddhist, becomes human/animal rights activist, constructs Pillars of Ashoka and writes Buddhist edicts on them
Throws his prisoners in his new dungeon and lives happily ever after
9. Describe rise of Mauryan Empire:
Chandragupta Maurya hands it off to Ashoka to do it
Chandragupta Maurya is able to conquer Nanda after death of Alexander the Great, leaving no threat from west
Chandragupta Maurya asks Britain to help conquer Nanda
Chandragupta Maurya asks Alexander the Great to help conquer Nanda for him
10. Describe fall of Mauryan Empire:
Large group of barbarians sacks the empire > fall
Alexander the Great conquers > fall
Ashoka dies > fall
Bad leaders > large area > internal revolt > fall
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