A most Pythonesque quizz

When you're feeling in the dumps, don't be silly chumps, and answer these questions about the Monty Pythons.
Quiz by maxlefol
Last updated: November 5, 2022
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Complete the line: And now for something completely …
What was the title of the Python reunion in 2014?
One down, five to go
Which Python wrote « A liar’s autobiography »?
Graham Chapman
Which Python musical opened in Chicago in January 2005?
Complete the line: Nobody expects the … … !
Spanish Inquisition
Which Python directed Erik the Viking ?
Terry Jones
Which Python wrote « Always look on the bright side of life »?
Eric Idle
Where did Michael Palin and Terry Jones meet ?
Complete the line: Every … is sacred, every … is great.
What can be served with Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce, garnished with truffle pâté, brandy, and a fried egg on top?
What do the Knights Who Say Ni want ?
a shrubbery
Where did John Cleese and Graham Chapman meet ?
Complete the line: What the airspeed velocity of an unladen … ?
Which Python performed at the 2012 Summer Olympics opening and closing ceremonies ?
Eric Idle
In what year did Monty Python’s Flying Circus air for the first time?
Which Python was born American?
Terry Gilliam
Complete the line:This… wouldn’t voom if you put 4 million volts through it !
Which Python was the « It’s Man »?
Michael Palin
Who played the recurring part of the Colonel in Monty Python’s Flying Circus?
Graham Chapman
Which Python has worked with Robert de Niro, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Uma Thurman and Johnny Depp (among others) ?
Terry Gilliam
Complete the line: Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of … !
What was the profession of Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern […] of Ulm?
Who’s wise, witty, and ready to please ?
the Chinese
What famous musician co-produced « Life of Brian »?
George Harrison
Complete the line: You can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just ’cause some … … threw a sword at you!
Watery tart
Which Python appeared in Terry Gilliam’s « Brazil » in 1985 ?
Michael Palin
What « Ministry » did John Cleese work for?
Silly Walks
In what sitcom did John Cleese play a rude hotel manager?
Fawlty Towers
Complete the line; What in God’s name possessed you to paint this with three … in it ?
Who is the only knighted Python?
Michael Palin
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