Tricky Analogies

Determine the answer through comparing the analogies.
Quiz by MrMiyagi
Last updated: November 27, 2012
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First submittedNovember 27, 2012
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This is to this,
Sn is to tin
____ is to salt.
Canberra is to Australia
____ is to Brazil.
Toe is to foot
Spoke is to ____
Papaya is to pawpaw
Zucchini is to ____
Umbilicus is to navel
Mandible is to ____
Socrates is to Plato
____ is to Alexander the Great.
Puerto Rico is to United States
Greenland is to ____
Melville is to whales
Spielberg is to ____
Cataract is to eye
Goitre is to ____
LHR is to London
CDG is to ____
Gaddafi is to Libya
Idi Amin is to ____
Eunuch is to man
____ is to horse.
Robin and Maurice are to Barry
John and George are to ____
Cuneiform is to Babylonia
____ are to Egypt.
Robin is to Batman
Sancho Panza is to ____
Don Quixote
France is to Henry V
____ is to Leonidas.
Pride is to Lions
____ is to leopards.
Patton is to Roosevelt
Montgomery is to ____
Reeve is to Superman
____ is to Frankenstein's Monster.
Cooper is to barrels
Fletcher is to ____
Level 67
Nov 27, 2012
Nice. It is Montgomery, with two rather than three "m"s.
Level 17
Nov 27, 2012
You're right. A thousand apologies and fixed!
Level 23
Nov 27, 2012
ehehhehehe, fail that... I only got 3 :I
Level 28
Nov 27, 2012
A very well done quiz.
Level ∞
Nov 29, 2012
Tough quiz! I love analogies. Got 15/20, should have gotten 17. Couldn't spell Hieroglyphics for some reason and typed Sparta for Leonidas because I didn't read the question correctly.
Level 17
Nov 29, 2012
Thanks for playing! That you even know what cuneiform is and that Leonidas was a Spartan diarch is worthy of two honourary points right there!
Level 60
Jul 27, 2023
Strange since I did the same. I tried Hierogliphics before finding the typo and also went to Greece and Sparta before Persia.
Level 74
Apr 5, 2013
Could you please add marrow and maybe squash also for zucchini? Just couldn't think of courgette. Thanks.
Level 82
May 1, 2013
good quiz, but couldn't Spielberg be a number of things.. aliens.. dinosaurs.. lost arks..
Level 59
Oct 26, 2013
Great more:D
Level 77
Mar 26, 2014
Thought it was Karlov.
Level 41
Sep 21, 2014
If you relate General Patton to President Roosevelt, you must relate Field Marshal Montgomery to King George VI (his supreme commander), really.
Level 70
Mar 5, 2015
Not so sure about your Robin, Maurice and Barry link. They are all brothers (Brothers Gibb) so I was trying to think of a band with 3 brothers, two of which were John and George - couldn't do it. This might have been better if another siblings band had been used instead of the Beatles.
Level 55
Mar 15, 2020
Not to mention, what about poor Ringo?
Level 76
Feb 9, 2022
Level 59
Jul 6, 2015
Goiters affect the thyroid. The eye is an organ; the thyroid is an organ. The neck is not an organ.
Level 46
May 25, 2017
I typed thyroid, but wasn't clever enough to get neck. But I spelled "corgette" instead of "courgette," too. And I misinterpreted the Leonidas question...but my failings all seemed reasonable when the truth was revealed.
Level 66
Dec 13, 2018
I agree with Susie222, it should be thyroid, not neck.
Level 57
Feb 9, 2022
Robert de Niro also played Frankenstein's monster
Level 53
Feb 9, 2022
Please allow "close" spellings of hieroglyphics. Also, would suggest that Spielberg is also to dinosaurs and aliens in the same vein as Melville.

Peter Boyle? Young Frankenstein, but still a Frankenstein's monster

Level 68
Feb 12, 2022
14/20. Fun quiz, thanks.
Level 91
Jul 20, 2023
Nominated even though you totally made up that group of leopards thing.
Level 94
Jul 28, 2023
very nice!

and today I learned what a spoke is.

also the goitre was almost beating me, I just got it by trying several body parts