Country Trivia Logic Puzzle

Try to determine all the countries with the information given with previous countries. May require extensive country knowledge.
Please do NOT guess any of the answers, they can all be determined with given information.
This quiz may be difficult. If you feel stuck you can check out this Docs file to find out which squares you can solve.
Quiz by unknown2000
Last updated: July 10, 2022
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First submittedJuly 7, 2022
Times taken3,252
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★Mexico★ Each row represents a different continent. B3 is the smallest country in the world.
★Costa Rica★ One country in this quiz has a non-rectangular flag.
★Saint Lucia★ One country in this column is landlocked.
★Cuba★ One European country uses the Cyrillic alphabet.
★Canada★ Five countries in column C are island countries. Suriname is not in this quiz.
★Fiji★ No country in this quiz borders Sudan.
★Marshall Islands★ Castries is the capital of one country in this quiz.
★Nauru★ Three countries have four letters in their names.
★Australia★ The only "South" country is lower than the only "North" country.
★New Zealand★ Two countries with over 20% hindu population are in column A.
★Bulgaria★ Two countries border the Mediterranean.
★Vatican City★ Every country in column D has a population ten million times the row number, rounded down.
★United Kingdom★ Both countries with their capitals below sea level are in this quiz.
★Poland★ Country size increases going diagonally from A5 to E1. Ecuador shares its largest border with E4.
★Netherlands★ Three African countries are entirely above the equator.
★Guyana★ C2 consists of just one island. Ireland is not in this quiz.
★Uruguay★ E5 borders India. Belarus is not in this quiz.
★Bolivia★ Panama is not in this quiz.
★Argentina★ Every country in column A has green in their flags, but no country immediately to their right does.
★Peru★ The capital of A6 has the letter Z. United States is not in this quiz.
★Azerbaijan★ No country in column E has more than 3 colors in its flag.
★North Korea★ Four North American countries have red in their flags.
★Cyprus★ B1 is not an English speaking country.
★Myanmar★ Three countries have capitals with "town" in their names.
★Republic of the Congo★ Four countries have "land" in their names.
★Tunisia★ C4 has a population over 10 million.
★Cape Verde★ All countries on the A6-E2 diagonal are larger than the Netherlands.
★South Africa★ Solomon Islands is not in this quiz.
★Sierra Leone★ D1 does not border any country.
Level 49
Jul 7, 2022
I'm guessing some people would like to know the logic behind the answers, so here's every answer in order with the logic and squares needed to figure them out:

Please only check out when you've attempted the quiz so it doesn't get spoiled for you!

Level 84
Jul 7, 2022
Nice work. Time seems very tight to me though.
Level 48
Mar 27, 2023
not to me buddy
Level 73
Jul 9, 2022
Amazing quiz, must have taken a lot of hard work. It would be nice to see a source on the population as some countries can be close. Also where is the Mediterranean Sea defined. As far as I can see both Morocco and Tunisia fits in B6. Please explain if I'm wrong but I can't see how one can be deduced. Finally, you might want to add more time. 20 minutes is not a lot of time. I had to untime it which is a shame. Maybe 60 or 120 minutes so one can spend some time working out the logic. Great quiz though, a nomination from here :-)
Level 49
Jul 10, 2022
Thank you, much appreciated!

The source for the population is

Morocco can be eliminated from B6 with D4. Morocco has a green star on its flag, and therefore doesn't fit in column B :)

I will increase the quiz time so it doesn't have to be solved in such a hurry.

Level 45
Jul 28, 2022
Can you please tell me how you created this quiz?
Level 70
Jul 26, 2022
Did all the quiz in 29:22. It was pretty hard. May I ask you about adding the shorter type-ins for countries such as North Korea(DPRK) and New Zealand(NZ)?
Level 68
Jul 26, 2022
Very very interesting quiz. Thanks for making, the Word document with the order was helpful sometimes. Main challenges for me:

- Finding out what hint belongs to what box and the other way around. Some visual reference might be useful, but I have no idea how to do that while still making it look uncluttered.

- Personally I'm not a fan of the abundance of flag-related hints.

Level 73
Jul 26, 2022
Really, really fun. I got all but one, and absolutely broke the "no guessing" rule towards the end.

I will nominate; I would recommend making a less challenging version to make this great idea more accessible.

Level 61
Sep 12, 2023
Also broke the "no guessing" rule myself. A few places I got stuck but had one box narrowed down to 2 or 3 options and just took a guess :)
Level 52
Jul 26, 2022
did it in 20 mins but then saw the no guessing rule... lol too late
Level 81
Jul 29, 2022
Interesting! It might be good to specify in the instructions that numbers are exact ("four countries" means exactly four countries, not at least four countries).

I don't see how B3 gives you D2 (from the doc you shared)...there's nothing to indicate continent yet, is there?

Level 49
Jul 31, 2022
A1: Each row represents a different continent. And since Oceania only has one country with 10M+ population, B3 gives you D2 = Australia.
Level 81
Aug 7, 2022
Thank you!
Level 29
Aug 3, 2023
Malawi and Zambia both have ~20M people, but neither fits.
Level 53
Aug 30, 2022
loved this! is this made by using "text quiz" or using the path/ID stuff? or did you have to create a table in some other tool and then bring it here by SVG?
Level 49
Aug 31, 2022
Honestly, I have no idea how to make such things myself so I copied a featured quiz with a grid layout and tweaked that to fit my quiz.
Level 24
Oct 5, 2022
what is the name of the featured quiz? I cannot find any logic puzzle which is featured
Level 49
Oct 14, 2022
Any quiz with a grid for answers should work. I think I used a multiplication table quiz, and just modified it to suit my needs.
Level 62
Feb 2, 2023
It’s a shame population figures is one of the few fields of country-based geography that doesn’t interest me, because this seems like a potentially-very-fun quiz. Unfortunately, I can only do the very first question before hitting the aforementioned roadblock. 😔
Level 71
Feb 2, 2023
This was great, I loved it!
Level 75
Feb 2, 2023
This is a fantastic quiz. Couldn't for the life of me get the last Asian country, won't say which one, but it was very enjoyable.
Level 34
Apr 8, 2023
This was hard for me as I count Cyprus as Europe. I guess JetPunk thinks otherwise? Otherwise very fun.
Level 49
Apr 10, 2023
Yeah, while Cyprus is culturally and politically European, it's geographically considered a part of Asia and as this is mainly a geography quiz site, Jetpunk considers it an Asian country.
Level 60
Sep 12, 2023
I dont get where to go if it doesnt give you a specific box
Level 59
Sep 12, 2023
How did more people get E4 than D1? I thought it went A1, B3, D1 (then I got stuck).