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Quiz by prattr
Last updated: April 6, 2013
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First submittedApril 6, 2013
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Why did Phoebe break up with Gary (The Cop)?
Shot a Bird
What extravagent gift did Ross purchase for Carol?
Crystal Duck
What did Ross once wash his father's car with?
After a New Year's Resolution what did Ross where on a date?
Leather Pants
What was Monica's Lacrosse nickname?
Big Fat Goalie
When telling the "I Want to Hook-Up" Story, where are you hiking?
Lake Tibidabo
Who plays Phoebes brother?
Giovanni Ribissi
For Emma's First Birthday party what was the cake supposed to be?
What was it actually?
Who receives TV Guide?
Ms Chanandler Bong
What does Tag give Rachel for her 30th birthday?
Razor Scooter
What is Phoebe's Alter Ego?
Regina Phalange
What is Ross' leftover Thanksgiving sandwich called?
Which actor played Phoebe's Navy boyfriend?
Charlie Sheen
What is the main feature of the Gellar Cup?
Troll Doll
While dating Mona, what did Ross dress up as for Halloween?
What is Rachel's favorite movie?
Weekend at Bernie's
Who's butt did Joey play in a film?
Al Pacino
Where did Chandler "move" to avoid Janice?
When Ross' couch was destroyed, he accepted store credit in what amount?
Chandler moved to what city for his job?
Tulsa, OK
What Actor plays Monica's former fat high school friend on a Thanksgiving episode?
Brad Pitt
Level 69
Apr 7, 2013
It was actually Mount Tibidabo. The story specifically mentions "Western Europe" as the location of the backpacking, specifically the "foothills of Mt Tibidabo". Never in the speech does it mention "Lake Tibidabo", but rather just a lake.
Level 19
Jan 8, 2017
They say "Mount Tibidabo" so many times! Joey first describes it as seeing a beautiful woman at a lake on Mt Tibidabo... CHANGE IT!!
Level 67
Jul 24, 2019
The question also needs to be more specific about which location it's asking for. I tried "Europe" and "Spain," which are both correct. I also tried "Barcelona," and although Joey says he's "just outside Barcelona," that's a viable answer too. If the question is looking specifically for the mountain, it should say so.
Level 81
Apr 7, 2013
Same correction as "noodles" mentioned...it's definitely Mount Tibidabo! I couldn't figure out why that answer wasn't accepted - otherwise a good quiz!
Level 34
Apr 10, 2013
Great quiz! 17/22, but could just "doll" be accepted for the Geller Cup question?
Level 21
Dec 27, 2013
or troll
Level 32
Oct 17, 2013
the sandwich is NOT called moist maker, thats the name of the middle layer of bread soaked in gravy. Also, "the moist maker" should be accepted (if you want to keep the wrong answer, at least accept variations)
Level 64
Apr 22, 2014
this is the worst quiz ever. you need to add many more possible correct answers.
Level 68
Sep 6, 2015
1. It's Sputnik - there is no hyphen in the name.

2. The sandwich isn't call a moist maker, the bread that goes in the middle is called the moist maker.

3. They hike at the foothills of Mt. Tibidabo.

Level 17
Aug 9, 2016
Consider accepting 'he shot a bird' , 'he shot a pigeon' or even 'shoots animals' for q1
Level 13
Feb 9, 2017
Question 12: "Wear" is spelled wear, not "Where"
Level 30
Jan 13, 2020
So many mistakes. I'm with bossch1ck
Level 58
Oct 2, 2021
Level 72
Jun 11, 2022
It's Geller, not Gellar.
Level 56
Feb 9, 2023
1st ever account