Quizzes by hrsuvakas

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user hrsuvakas.
# of Quizzes 39
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Times taken 2,756
Quizmaker Rank # 5,834
1,6152022-12-04Minecraft Default Skins
3892022-09-10Periods of time Compared to Estonia's
902019-05-10Zombs Royale Quiz (hrsuvakas)
742019-05-28Zombs Royale (Season 9)
602023-04-09Angel Eyes - ABBA (Full Lyrics)
582023-02-12Where is this Building?
562022-09-20Estonian Alphabet (Eesti Tähestik)
532022-08-17Countries that have occupied Estonia
462022-09-14Numbers 1-15 in Estonian
452022-09-10Deaths of Famous World Leaders
432023-02-23Regions of Tallinn With a Map
302023-02-24Travel around European cities by picture
282022-12-09Minecraft Ores
242024-03-22Tallinn Bus Stops (TLT) #1 (1-15)
212023-02-10Guess The Fruit By Country Of Origin
142023-01-01Estonian Presidents
122023-12-03Silver Morozov Quiz
112023-02-23Regions of Tartu With a Map
92023-02-10Songs affiliated with Footballers
82023-05-08Rubik's Cube PLL Permutations with Picture
82023-05-08Rubik's Cube OLL Groups with Picture
72023-02-23Regions of Pärnu With a Map
72023-01-07Nations not recognized by the Jetpunk discord
62023-02-25Regions of Narva With a Map
62023-02-24Municipalities of Hiiumaa With a Map
52023-02-24Municipalities of Harjumaa With a Map
52023-02-24Municipalities of Pärnumaa With a Map
42022-12-23Ajaperioodid Euroopaga Võrreldes
42024-03-22Tallinn Bus Stops (TLT) #2 (16-31)
32024-03-22Counties of Estonia in the 13th Century
32024-03-22Official WCA Events
32023-02-24Municipalities of Läänemaa With a Map
22023-01-24Tallinn Bus Stops (TLT) #3 (32-55)
22023-02-25Municipalities of Järvamaa With a Map
22023-02-24Municipalities of Ida-Virumaa With a Map
22023-02-24Municipalities of Lääne-Virumaa With a Map
12023-05-08Rubik's Cube OLL Permutations with Picture
02024-03-22Tallinn Bus Stops (TLT) #4 (56-73)
02024-04-25Erkki Otsman Quiz