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3812022-09-10Periods of time Compared to Estonia's
1052022-08-17Countries closest to Russia
832019-05-10Zombs Royale Quiz (hrsuvakas)
642019-05-28Zombs Royale (Season 9)
422019-10-07Countries closest to Estonia
382019-05-31Estonia (hrsuvakas)
232022-08-17Countries that have occupied Estonia
222022-08-17Countries closest to Germany
212022-08-17Countries closest to United Kingdom
212022-08-17Countries that broke out of the USSR
192022-08-17Countries closest to Brazil
192022-08-16Countries closest to Latvia
172022-08-16Countries of Europe as a Map Quiz
162022-09-14Countries with the most Time Zones
152022-09-10Deaths of Famous World Leaders
152022-08-17Countries closest to Denmark
142022-08-18Countries closest to Greece
142022-08-17Countries closest to Iceland
142022-09-20Estonian Alphabet (Eesti Tähestik)
132022-08-17Countries closest to India
132022-08-17Countries closest to France
122022-09-16Colors that can be on a rubik's cube
122022-08-17Countries closest to Serbia
122022-08-17Countries closest to Turkey
112022-08-17Countries closest to Lithuania
112022-08-18Countries closest to Italy
112022-08-17Countries closest to Sweden
102022-08-17Countries closest to Norway
92022-08-17Countries closest to Finland
92022-08-17Countries closest to Poland
82022-08-17Countries closest to China
32022-09-14Numbers 1-15 in Estonian
32022-07-02Tallinn Bus Stops (TLT) #1 (1-15)
12022-09-16Moves and Rotations on a rubik's cube
02022-07-02Tallinn Bus Stops (TLT) #2 (16-31)
02022-07-02Tallinn Bus Stops (TLT) #3 (32-55)