Supernatural Season 11 Quiz

Answer the questions about The CW's show Supernatural.
Any left out scenes or episodes are not a reflection upon my preferences and are not meant to offend anybody.
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Quiz by RachelB2022
Last updated: April 14, 2020
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What mark does the Darkness have on her chest?
The Mark of Cain
What age is Amara in "Form and Void"?
A baby
Which of the actors directed "The Bad Seed"?
Jensen Ackles
What is the name of the episode shown completely from the point of view of the Impala?
Who is the title "Thin Lizzie" an allusion to?
Lizzie Borden
Which old villain from season 9 returned in "Our Little World"?
Which sheriff calls upon the boys for help with a case in "Plush"?
Donna Hanscum
Who is Sully in "Just My Imagination"?
Sam's childhood imaginary friend
Who kissed Dean in "O Brother, Where Art Thou"?
Where does Sam get trapped in "O Brother, Where Art Thou"?
Lucifer's Cage
Who becomes Lucifer's new vessel in "The Devil in the Details"?
What do victims hear before dying in "Into the Mystic"?
A song
What kind of monster is Alex's boyfriend in "Don't You Forget About Me"?
What holiday is it in "Love Hurts"?
Valentine's Day
What year does Casifer send Dean back to in "The Vessel"?
Whose funeral do Sam and Dean attend in "Beyond the Mat"?
Larry Lee
Who did the same case as Sam and Dean years before them in "Safe House"?
Bobby and Rufus
Who briefly dies in "Red Meat"?
Who returns to Heaven to assert their dominance in "Hell's Angel"
How many years separate the disappearances in "The Chitters"?
Which season 4 and 5 regular returns in "Don't Call Me Shurley"?
Chuck Shurley
Who is Chuck?
What is the name of the new prophet in "All in the Family"?
Why do Sam and Dean rescue Lucifer from Amara?
To protect Castiel
Who fight at the end of "We Happy Few"?
Chuck and Amara
Whose grave do Sam and Dean visit before they part, seemingly for the last time in "Alpha and Omega"?
Mary Winchester
Who returns from the dead in the last scene of the finale?
Mary Winchester
What is Amara's relationship to Chuck?
She is his sister
Finish the Quote: "Just a couple of hours ago, I killed _____. I'm pretty much open for anything".
Finish the Quote: "Turns out I did shoot the ______"
Finish the Quote: ""Wait, so only ___________ get to see him? And this makes sense to billions of you?"
Dead people
Finish the Quote: "Like a magic STD. Okay, that works. Kind of makes you nostalgic for good, old-fashioned ________"
Finish the Quote: "No ___________ moments." "You love ___________ moments".
Chick flick
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