Supernatural Season 12 Quiz

Answer the questions about the twelfth season on The CW's show Supernatural.
Any left out scenes or episodes are not a reflection upon my preferences and are not meant to offend anybody.
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Quiz by RachelB2022
Last updated: April 14, 2020
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What group is Toni from in "Keep Calm and Carry On"?
The British Men of Letters
Who works to find Lucifer in "Mamma Mia"?
Who does Castiel pair up with as a hunting duo in "The Foundry"?
Which British Men of Letters member kills Magda in "American Nightmare"?
Arthur Ketch
Who are a group of necromancers trying to resurrect in "The One You've Been Waiting For"?
Adolf Hitler
Do they succeed?
Who goes on a hunt with the boys in "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox"?
What is the name of the rock star that died as Lucifer's vessel in "Rock Never Dies"?
Vince Vincente
Who is Lucifer's newest vessel in "LOTUS"?
The President
What is the name of the mother of Lucifer's child?
Kelly Kline
Who do Mary and Cas turn to to break Sam and Dean out of high-security prison in "First Blood"?
British Men of Letters
How long has Lily Sunder been honing her magic skills?
Over 100 years
Who does Sam ask for help in recovering Dean's memory in "Regarding Dean"?
What is the weapon that injures Castiel and kills Ramiel in "Stuck in the Middle (With You)"?
The Spear of Michael
What is the name of Crowley's son that Rowena is searching for in "Family Feud"?
Gavin McLeod
What is the name of the demon who takes Kelly under her wing after an angel attack in "Family Feud"?
Who brings the boys a case in "The Raid"?
How does Cas hold his FBI badge in "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"?
Upside down
What monster is Claire turned into in "Ladies Drink Free"?
A Werewolf
Who saves her from this fate becoming permanent?
Mick Davies
Name one of the two British Men of Letters who dies in "The British Invasion".
Renny or Mick
What is the name of the deity in "The Memory Remains"?
What iconic weapon is destroyed by Dagon in "The Future"?
The Colt
Who tells Mary that John was a terrible father in "There's Something About Mary"?
What three British Men of Letters died in "Who We Are"?
Toni, Ketch, and Doctor Hess
What old friend do Sam and Dean run across in "All Along the Watchtower"?
Bobby Singer
What is the name of the character whose eyes glow in the last scene of the season?
Jack Kline
Who all dies in the season 12 finale?
Castiel, Crowley, Rowena, and Kelly
Finish the Quote: "We should call ____________ and find out as much as we can about these people"
The Internet
Finish the Quote: "That is the sweetest thing you've ever done ______"
For me
Finish the Quote: "My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Uh, Mary Winchester is my mom. And Cas... Cas is my __________"
Best Friend
Finish the Quote: "What we do, you can't learn this crap in a book. You put on a flannel, you pick up a gun, you go out there. Either you get good fast, or you get ____ faster.
Finish the Quote: "Bye ____"
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