Supernatural Season 2 Quiz

Answer the questions about The CW's show Supernatural's second season.
Any left out scenes or episodes isn't meant to reflect my personal taste.
There is a range of difficulty.
Quiz by RachelB2022
Last updated: April 14, 2020
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Who died at the end of "In My Time of Dying"?
John Winchester
Who are the mother and daughter introduced in "Everybody Loves a Clown"?
Ellen and Jo Harvelle
What hunter makes his debut in "Bloodlust"?
True or False: Jared actually hurt himself filming "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things".
In "Simon Said", Sam meets another special child, like him. What is his name?
Andy Gallagher
What serial killer's ghost do the boys face in "No Exit"?
H.H. Holmes
What is the monster in "The Usual Suspects"?
A Death Omen
How did John die?
Sold his soul to save Dean
What is Croatoan?
A virus
Who is Gordon trying to kill in "Hunted"?
Is Maggie alive in "Playthings"?
What monster returns in "Nightshifter"?
In "Houses of the Holy", Sam believes an angel are coming to people when in reality, what is it?
A demon
Who is Sam killing in "Born Under A Bad Sign"?
Who's first appearance is in "Tall Tales"?
What supernatural beings are the focus of "Roadkill"?
What is the name of the werewolf Sam falls in love with in "Heart"?
What city to Sam and Dean go to in "Hollywood Babylon"?
Where to Sam and Dean go in "Folsom Prison Blues"?
What is Dean's girlfriend's name in "What Is And What Should Never Be"?
Who is Sam engaged to in "What Is And What Should Never Be"?
What is the monster in "What Is And What Should Never Be"?
Why does Sam go into the store in "All Hell Breaks Loose-Part One"?
Dean wants pie
Who does Sam meet again in "All Hell Breaks Loose-Part One"?
Why are all the twenty-three year olds in the same place?
They are "special children"
Who dies at the end of "All Hell Breaks Loose-Part One"?
What song plays at the beginning of "All Hell Breaks Loose-Part Two"?
Carry On My Wayward Son
What does Dean do in "All Hell Breaks Loose-Part Two" as a result of the episode twenty-one death?
Sells his soul
How long does Dean get before he dies?
One year
What is opened in "All Hell Breaks Loose-Part Two"?
A hell gate
Finish the quote: "Sam, you seem like a good kid. It's not your fault Dean's your brother. _____________"
We can't pick our family
Finish the quote: "You're bossy. __________"
And short
Finish the quote: "It's not food anymore Dean, _____________"
It's Darwinism
Finish the quote: "Hey, see if they've got any pie. Bring me some pie ___________________"
Love me some pie
Finish the quote: "How certain are you that what you brought back is 100% pure Sam? You of all people should know that _________________"
What's dead should stay dead
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