Supernatural Season 4 Quiz

Answer the questions about the fourth season of The CW's show Supernatural
Any left out scenes or episodes do not reflect my personal taste or opinions.
There is a range of difficulties
Quiz by RachelB2022
Last updated: April 14, 2020
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Who gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition in "Lazarus Rising"?
Who comes back to torture Sam and Dean in "Are You There God, It's Me, Dean Winchester"?
Meg and Agent Henriksen
What car does Dean tell John to buy in "In the Beginning"?
A Black 1967 Chevy Impala
What is the monster in "Metamorphosis"?
What episode from this season is entirely in black and white?
"Monster Movie"
In which episode does Dean get infected with a disease that makes him nearly scared to death?
"Yellow Fever"
Who does Castiel bring with him to destroy an entire town in "It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"?
What is at the center of people's problems in "Wishful Thinking" ?
A wishing well
What is the name of the girl who can hear angels in "I Know What You Did Last Summer"?
Anna Milton
What was Anna?
An angel
Is the girl in "Family Remains" a ghost, or is she alive?
What job did the three men have in "Criss Angel is a Douchebag"?
What is Dean's cover in "After School Special"?
P.E. Teacher
Who is behind the murders in "Sex and Violence"?
A Siren
Who died in "Death Takes a Holiday"?
Pamela Barnes
What is being used to kill angels in "On The Head Of A Pin"?
Lucifer's Sword
Who put Sam and Dean into an alternate universe where they are called Sam Wesson and Dean Smith?
What is Carver Edlund's real name in "The Monster At The End Of This Book"?
Chuck Shurley
Who is John's other son?
Adam Milligan
What is Castiel's vessel's name?
Jimmy Novak
Where do Dean and Bobby lock Sam up in "When The Levee Breaks"?
Bobby's Panic Room
Who do Sam and Dean kill at the end of "Lucifer Rising"
What is Sam addicted to throughout the season?
Demon's Blood
Finish the quote: "Sammy, wherever you are, Mom is a babe. _______________"
I'm going to Hell. Again.
Finish the quote: "AHHHHHHH! That was ________"
Finish the quote: "I wish I couldn't feel anything Sammy. __________________"
I wish I couldn't feel a damned thing.
Finish the quote: "They do know we're ____________"
Brothers, right?
Finish the quote: "Well boo-hoo, I'm so sorry __________________"
Your feelings are hurt, princess!
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