Call of Duty: Zombies

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Person, place, thing, or idea
Starter Pistol
Perk that increases health
Perk that Increases fire rate and damage(in BO2)
Double Tap
Perk that makes you reload quicker
Speed Cola
Perk that makes you revive faster
Quick Revive
Perk that makes you run longer
Perk that makes you automatically aim for the head and removes scope sway
Deadshot Daqiri
Perk that gives you an extra gun slot
Mule Kick
Perk that removes explosive damage to the player
PhD Flopper
Perk that causes nearby zombies to be electrified when you reload, introduced in "Mob of the Dead"
Electric Cherry
Perk exclusive to Black Ops 2 that allows you to keep your stuff if you bleed out
Tombstone Soda
Perk exclusive to Die Rise which makes a clone for you to use to revive yourself
Who's Who
Perk exclusive to Buried that give the effect of Scavenger and Engineer from multiplayer
Vulture Aid
Perk added in BO3 that whenever you get hit or your grenades explode, web comes from the respective source
Widow's Wine
Machine that gives a random perk for 1500
Box that gives you a random weapon for 950
Mystery Box
The first Zombies Map, the bunker, returned in Chronicles
Nacht Der Untoten
The Second Zombies Map, Introduced perks and power, the complex, returned in Chronicles
The Third Zombies Map, the Swamp, Introduced Hounds, returned in Chronicles
Shi No Numa
The Fourth Zombies Map, Introduced the Wunderwaffe DG-2, Bowie Knife, and the all important Pack-a-Punch machine, returned in Chronicles
Der Riese
The first Call of Duty game with Zombies
World at War
The Fifth Map, The Theatre, introduced the Thundergun
Kino der Toten
The Sixth Map, The Pentagon, JFK and Fidel Castro are playable characters
The Seventh Map, Soviet Cosmodrome
The Eighth Map, The Siberian Outpost, Features George A. Romero as a "boss".
Call of the Dead
The Ninth Map, the Jungle Temple, introduced the 31-79 JGb215(shrink ray), considered one of the worst maps for new players
The Tenth Map, Features the Wave Gun, has the Astronaut "miniboss" considered another one of the worst maps by newer players
The Eleventh Map, Introduced Galvaknuckles, Denizens, and the cast in the comics
The Eleventh Map's spawn, also has a survival mode
Bus Depot
A stop in the Eleventh Map, can also be played in survival, and in survival it has a pack-a-punch in the lava pool at the intersecton
Another stop in the Eleventh Map, can also be played in survival.
The Twelfth Map, Happens simultaneously with the Tenth map, takes place in a popular multiplayer map
the Thirteenth Map, the Sliquefier is exclusive to it, Has a sense of verticality
Die Rise
The Fourteenth Map, takes place in the Alcatraz prison complex
Mob of the Dead
The Fifteenth Map, The Ghost Town, the maze, the Paralyzer is exclusive to it
The Sixteenth Map, introduces the Primus Crew, the Trenches
The Seventeenth map, introduces the Shadowman, Margwa, Parasites, Lil' Arnies, and the ______ Servant
Shadows of Evil
Person, place, thing, or idea
The Eighteenth map, The Remastered Complex, the Return of the Primus Crew, the Wunderwaffe, and the pack-a-punch as a machine
The Giant
The Nineteenth map, has the Bows, the Austrian Castle, introduces the Ragnarok-DG4
Der Eisendrache
The Twentieth map, the Japanese Laboratory
Zetsubou no Shima
The Twenty-first map, the War-Torn Stalingrad, has the Dragon Command, the only map where you can upgrade the Monkey Bombs
Gorod Krovi
The Twenty-fourth and final map, the House, The Fractured Universe
Entity that communicates to you via radios, announcements, etc. he appears in the House in The final Map
Dr. Monty
Race that the Dr. Monty belong to
Race the Shadowman belongs to
Character on the moon for the duration of the Nineteenth Map
Dr. Groph
The other Doctor, Richtofen put his brain in a jar in the Sixteenth Map
Dr. Maxis
The other Doctor's assistant
The other Doctor's daughter
Dog Zombies
first buildable in the Eleventh Map
second buildable in the Eleventh Map
Zombie Shield
Version of the second Buildable in The first three Bo3 maps
Rocket Shield
Version of the second buildable specific to the 21st map
Guard of Fafnir
The fictional city the 17th map takes place in
Morg City
The country the 19th map takes place in
The country the 21st map takes place in
the research group Richtofen and the other Doctor are a part of
Group 935
the most iconic gun in all of zombies
Ray Gun
the element that causes all of the things happening and powers the most iconic gun
Element 115
How it got here
Bow 1, the urns
Bow 2, The orb above the death ray
Bow 3, Old King with Man's best friend at his side
Bow 4, Keeper Skulls
Staff 1, Nikolai's favorite
Staff 2, Takeo's Favorite
Staff 3, Richtofen's Favorite
Staff 4, Dempsey's favorite
First soul sent to the summoning key
Second soul sent in the summoning key
Third soul sent to the summoning key
Last soul in the summoning key
Level 25
Jun 21, 2019
The 11th map is called Farm not Barn