South Park Difficult Trivia

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Quiz by RBM5
Last updated: February 4, 2013
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First submittedFebruary 4, 2013
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Who created South Park?
Trey Parker
Matt Stone
By which episode do the creators of the show run out of ideas for a plot?
Quest for Ratings
Who is Mysterion?
Who is The Coon?
Who is Cartman's Dad?
Jack Tenorman
What is Cartman's middle name?
First Name?
What is Butters' real name?
Wendy has kissed which member in the main group (other than Stan)?
Who believes Cartman is a ghost in "The Death of Eric Cartman"
The group ignores Cartman after he does what?
Eats the skin off of all the KFC chicken
What is Cartman's favorite restaurant?
What is Mysterion's power?
What is Kyle called when his cousin visits?
Kyle 2
Level 18
Feb 4, 2013
I thought Cartmans mom was also his dad? Also, you should accept Fried Chicken Skin or some other variations for that answer, I knew it but never figured out exactly what you were looking for
Level 14
Feb 4, 2013
'Eats Skin' is already an answer and in episode "201" Cartman's Mom tells Cartman she lied about being his father while Scott Tenorman proves that Cartman's father is also his, dunking Cartman's face in the same chili bowl used in the episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die"
Level 55
Jul 31, 2014
Yeah Jack Tenorman was a Denver Bronco and they were doing really well that season and they didn't want to distract him so they came up with the BS hermaphrodite story.
Level 35
Sep 21, 2013
Aw yeah got Quest for Ratings.. good ep!! ... but I entered "ate all the chicken skin" and it did not get accepted? hmm
Level 14
Sep 22, 2013
'Eats Skin' is already accepted
Level 84
Jan 16, 2015
Cartman is the answer for two questions.

Quest for Ratings... that's arguable. I mean they talk about it a bit in the commentary.. but they also talk about running out of ideas for South Park is Gay/Crab People (a year before Quest for Ratings)... and then in the actual show they make a point out of saying that shows typically run out of ideas by around their 100th episode. This reference is made in the episode Cancelled but the episode that actually turned out to be their 100th was I'm a Little Bit Country. So.. very confusing question.

Maybe you could just take Tenorman or Mr. Tenorman or the Denver Broncos for the dad question? Who remembers his first name?

Cartman's favorite restaurant is also questionable. I tried Casa Bonita, Shakey's Pizza and Raisins before I came up with KFC.

Finally, agree with the above comment.. "eats the skin..." is really tough to get. There are so many ways to phrase that.

Level 84
Jan 16, 2015
You could just ask: "what does Cartman eat from KFC that gets the other kids to shun him?"

and the answers could be... (contains) "chicken skin", or contains "skin", and that would be much easier.

Level 45
Jan 20, 2019
I thought favorite Cartman's restaurant was Casa


Level 14
Jan 30, 2019
He stated he really wanted to go to Casa Bonita but didn’t state it was his favorite restaurant while on the subject of KFC he has stated his love for it in numerous episodes in which he called it his favorite restaurant.
Level 87
Nov 14, 2022
Not very difficult except using ESP for very specific wording for answers.