Humanities Study Guide 2 - Chapter 6

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What happened in 313 AD?
Edict of Milan
What happened in 325 AD?
Nicene Creed
What happened in 380 AD?
Edict of Tessalonica
What happened in 410 AD?
Sack of Rome
What happened in 476 AD?
Fall of Rome
What event brought on the Middle Ages? (Date)
Fall of Rome in 476 AD
Approximate dates for the Middle Ages:
476 AD - 1400 AD
What ideas/beliefs dominated and shaped Medieval Europe?
What institution emerges as the dominant force in Medieval Europe?
Christian Church
Who/what was the most powerful patron of Medieval architecture/painting/sculpure/music/literature/philosophy?
The Church
What was the most common subject of Medieval Art?
What does BC stand for?
Before Christ
What does AD stand for?
Anno Domini
How does Romanesque apply to early Medieval architecture?
There are Roman qualities to it.
Cite at least one Greco-Roman architectural elements seen in Medieval buildings.
Pediments, Post and Lintel, Capitals.
How did Medieval art serve as a didactic tool?
Teaching stories
And why was the art needed?
People couldn't read
What are Giotto's two most famous paintings?
Madonna Enthroned
St Francis Receiving the Stigmata
What is the name of the Pope who is credited with unifying the music of the Medieval Church?
Pope Gregory
What is monophony?
There is only one melody
What is polyphony?
There are many melodies
What does A Capella mean literally?
In the chapel
What does A Capella actually mean?
Voice only
What are Neumes?
Squiggly lines and dots. (First music notation)
What are Staff?
Five lines and four spaces where the Neumes are.
What is the mix of Judaism and Christianism called?
What are the three members of the Christian holy trinity?
Holy Spirit
What does Sacred mean?
What does Secular mean?
Not religious
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